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Dr. Luke on Working with Jessie J (VEVO LIFT)

Avid Releases Pro Tools 9.0.2 Upgrade - Kevin Becka

Avid has released the Pro Tools 9.0.2 upgrade that fixes 26 pages of bugs from previous versions. Fixes include annoying problems with Control Surfaces, Plug-ins, File and Disk Management, Video and more (read the full list here). The upgrade requires previous installation of Pro Tools 9 software and a Pro Tools 9 iLok license.

Bryan Lenox talks about CLASP

Focal SM11 L-R Monitor


The SM11-L / SM11-R (Left channel and Right channel) monitors are equipped with an asymmetrical cabinet design, favouring a fantastic image precision in a stereo or multichannel configuration. The very extended frequency response (34Hz-40kHz at -3dB) guarantees perfect control of the entire audio signal. This feature is essential to the optimization of the mixes dedicated to supports like SACD or any other project where perfection is essential. The 1" pure Beryllium TBU tweeter achieves an unmatchable detail level and delivers great precision, width and depth to the sound image. The 6.5" “W” composite sandwich midrange offers unmatched neutrality and transparency. The tweeter-woofer coupling guarantees a voicing that will immediately reveal the slightest anomalies. The 11" woofer and the passive radiator reproduce the bass register with an incredible degree of control, thanks to the absence of a port. The bottom of the audio spectrum is then totally revealed, without a subwoofer. A total SPL of 118dB allows unprecedented headroom for recording, mixing and mastering in almost any situation, without risk of compression.

call Peter Duncan for used Solid State Logic consoles

McDSP announce 60-percent discounts on plug-ins


PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 2011: Rich Breen's quick and early ascension to the upper strata of professional recording a quarter-century ago was not owing to a flashy style or a voguish sound, but rather a well-considered, well-rounded approach to sound recording that was, and continues to be, in equal measures scientific and artistic. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and has studied music, a synergism that has contributed to his roster of clients and recordings that include the Yellowjackets, Charlie Haden, Dianne Reeves, Herbie Hancock, Norah Jones, members of the Rolling Stones, and Ramsey Lewis. Breen has been nominated for the Non-Classical Engineering Grammy, and dozens of his recordings have been nominated or won Grammy Awards in various categories over the years. Last year he won a Latin Grammy for the Ivan Lins/Metropolis Orchestra Recording. In recent years, Breen has become an avid user of the Metric Halo ULN-8 interface, which delivers eight channels of AD/DA conversion, together with eight world-class mic pres, powerful digital processing, and flexible routing.
Breen spends most of his time at his home studio in Southern California, Dogmatic Sound, where the Metric Halo ULN-8 serves as the trusted bridge between the digital world in which he mixes and the analog world that wends its way to his ears. But it's more than that. "The ULN-8 is like a Swiss Army Knife for audio," laughed Breen. "In addition to monitoring sends, the outputs feed analyzers and meters, including Metric Halo's SpectraFoo, which is always up when I mix. But the ULN-8 really shines when I bring it to engagements in studios around town or to record live events." Breen recently brought the ULN-8 to record legendary keyboardist Lyle Mays perform at one of Caltech's prestigious TED Events.
Like many projects before it, Breen recorded the latest Yellowjacket's release (Timelines Spring 2011) at Pasadena's Firehouse Recording Studios. "I already know going into a session what kinds of mics and processors are available at Firehouse," said Breen. "I've tweaked, for example, the drum inputs using the ULN-8's 'Character' settings. So when I go in now, all I have to do is recall that setting and I'm ready to go. The last several recordings I've made at Firehouse have used the ULN-8 on drums, and it's no coincidence that people are going out of their way to say they are some of the best drum sounds they've ever heard!"
Given his background in electrical engineering, Breen has some concrete opinions about what makes the ULN-8 fully professional in every respect. "Like a lot of converters, the ULN-8 sounds great in the predictable, utopian conditions of the recording studio," he said. "But unlike a lot of converters, it sounds great in the most challenging live situations. Everyone focuses on the same specs: jitter, frequency response, and noise. But those don't fully capture the performance of gear in the field. Not only are the ULN-8's converters superb, the support circuitry, including the analog signal paths and the DSP, is top-notch. The performance has always been absolutely bulletproof under fairly rigorous conditions."
Breen's reliance on Metric Halo is not limited to the concrete world of hardware. He also uses Metric Halo SpectraFoo sound analysis software whenever he mixes. "I'm sure I under-use its full capabilities, but the tools that I do use are so well implemented that I wouldn't settle for anything else," he said. "I always have the stereo spectrum, metering, and phase displays up and running. Sometimes I also look at the power balance and bit meters. The bit meters are particularly well done in SpectraFoo, and extremely useful for spotting problems in the digital signal chain. Like other engineers, I rely on my ears, but these visual tools are useful confirmation if something is amiss, and they do a great job of pinpointing the problem. Moreover, there are low-end and high-end problems that are obvious using SpectraFoo but difficult to hear in many monitoring situations."

GarageBand for iPad 2 demo by Apple

DaySequerra introduces its M2DTV Mobile Media Loudness Processor at NAB 2011

West Berlin, NJDaySequerra, exclusive DTS® hardware and audio partner, will introduce a 
mobile media DTV loudness processor at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.  
Mobile handheld device speakers and ear buds have a limited dynamic range over a narrow 
frequency band. This combined with noisy listening environments compromise the quality and 
intelligibility of the audio content streamed to handheld mobile devices. The DaySequerra M2DTV 
Mobile Media loudness processor has been optimized to keep dialog intelligible without users 
constantly adjusting their volume control, even in noisy environments.   
“Poor audio quality, inconsistent volume levels and unintelligible dialog, is a major challenge for 
today’s mobile DTV broadcaster,” said David Day, president of DaySequerra. ”Through our 
partnership with DTS and other experts, we’ve developed solid solutions to enhance the mobile 
audio experience with our M2DTV,” added Day. 
The M2DTV has 5.1 surround, stereo and EAS inputs, and features the industry-proven DTS 
Surround Sound DownMix along with two codec pre-processing channels. Each channel is 
optimized for HE AAC v2 operation at 24 kbps, 32 kbps, 48 kbps and 64 kbps to reduce artifacts 
from lossy compression and low-bit rate transmissions. The M2DTV uses a proprietary perceptual 
loudness model to provide accurate loudness measurements and look-ahead technology to make 
large gain corrections imperceptible to viewers. It is an easy-to-operate 1RU unit complete with 
industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770/1 loudness measurement on a large vacuum-fluorescent 
numerical readouts and bright accurate bargraph metering, a rear panel GPIO port and Ethernet 
interface for long-term logging, email alerts and field software updates. 
The M2DTV will make its official debut at NAB 2011 in booth N3830. For more information on 
DaySequerra products, please visit 

About DaySequerra: DaySequerra provides high-performance audio solutions for radio, TV and 
Internet broadcasters. Technology applications include measuring and solving loudness issues in 
stereo and surround DTV and radio broadcasts using exclusive DTS Neural algorithms; 
transmitting multichannel surround audio over stereo infrastructure; and DTV, HD RadioTM, DAB 
and other digital radio and Internet stream audio processing and monitoring. DaySequerra’s state- 
of-the-art products are marketed and sold through their distribution network worldwide; its 
technology partners include DTS, iBiquity Digital and others. For more information on 
DaySequerra, please visit our website or email 

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Quad

Panasonic AF-100 - DSLR 12 hours of non-stop record time

Pensado's Place: Maureen Droney

Pensado's Place: #2 - Jean-Marie Horvat

Virtual Console Collection @Slateproaudio

Its been called one of the most anticipated plugins of the decade. The Virtual Console Collection or "VCC" as it's been known, captures the sound of some of the most legendary analog consoles in the industry. Using the VCC, your digital mixer will take on the life and vibe of these great desks and will give your music the depth, dimension, space, and 3D image that you have been craving!

Virtual Console Collection (ESD) iLok2 Included 7 DAY SPECIAL

* iLok2 WILL BE SHIPPED TO SHIPPING ADDRESS GIVEN (Please allow 2 - 10 business days) 



* Available in Mac Intel RTAS, AU, VST (32 bit), Windows VST (32bit) 

- Mac/Windows 64bit (coming soon) 

- PPC - PPC version in the future for iLok 1 (ETA 30 Days) 

* MAC : 
CPU Processor min : Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz 
OS X min : 10.5 
32 bit version only 

* PC : 
CPU Processor min : Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz 
OS min : Windows XP SP3 
32 bit version only 

Uninstallers for mac & pc versions 


Our price: $249.99 (€179.99)

Genelec Previews New DSP Model at Prolight+sound 2011

A new addition to Genelec’s award-winning DSP rangeof monitors is set to be unveiled at Prolight+sound 2011 in Frankfurt. The latest model to benefit from this future-proof technology is the 1238CF, which is a 3-way monitor designed for a wide range of professional applications demanding excellence in audio monitoring. The model will be available for preview and demonstration on Booth 8.0 H25 alongside a range of upgrades and improvements to other key monitors in the Genelec portfolio for the professional market.

Terho Savolainen, Marketing Manager of Genelec comments: “We’re delighted to be bringing the 1238CFto the show as Prolight+sound is the ideal launch platform for the product. The new model builds on the previous strengths of our compact three-way analogue monitors and by adding DSP, digital signal processing, with the Genelec’s AutoCal calibration functionality give the product the widest possible appeal. Visitors to our booth will be able to appreciate the improvements and discuss real applications with us.”

The 1238CF is also compatible with proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager™ (GLM™) control software and can be combined with Genelec 8200/7200 Series products in the same control network. The automatic control and calibration functionality provided by the GLM™software with the Genelec AutoCal™ algorithm allow for precise matching of the loudspeaker system to different acoustic conditions with just a few mouse clicks. The rugged amplifier unit is mounted into the enclosure with vibration isolators which also act as quick release hinges making maintenance operations very easy and straightforward. Furthermore, the loudspeaker cabinet is constructed of painted MDF, which is heavily braced to eliminate structural resonances.

The Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) Technology developed by Genelec provides excellent stereo imaging and frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments. TheDCW™ of the 1238CF is identical to the one in the famous 1038B 3-way monitor providing the same excellent imaging in this new addition to the DSP 3-way monitoring systems range. It is designed to perform well both as a free-standing monitor and flush mounted into the control room wall. When flush mounting the loudspeaker, the space behind the loudspeaker enclosure must be sufficiently ventilated in order to dissipate heat generated by the amplifier unit located at the back panel of the loudspeaker.

For further information on Genelec products for professional applications, please visit Booth Booth 8.0 H25 at Prolight+sound 2011.

Tape Op Party 2011 During SXSW - March 18, 2011

Empirical Labs Lil Freq

@Notch_theArtis @SupaDups @xxblassxx @SweetwaterSound @amazon @iTunesMusic
I used the Lil Freq on Notch @Notch_theArtist album "Raised By The People" produced by SupaDups @SupaDups and Dj Blass @xxblassxx . The Empirical Labs_Lil Freq is not your average equalizer. You will be hard pressed to find a single rack eq that gives you more processing punch. It has a High Pass (HP) filter, 4 parametric bands and 2 additional bands of shelving eq (Low and High). In addition it has a dynamic eq section for controlling high frequencies (de-essing), which can be placed before or after the eq section and an instrument (D.I.) input. There are 3 outputs, one of them a Class A transformer out which gives the sound quality and texture you would expect from vintage gear. It has THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 0.006% which makes it one of the cleanest eqs on the market today. The Lil Freq sounded great on everything I ran through it including vocals, drums, guitar and bass. You can really sculpt and carve sounds to your heart's content. The dynamic eq section made it easy to add sheen to vocals or cymbals/overheads without frying my ears or the tweeters. The low shelf eq used in combination with the HP filter gives you a great bass sound without overloading the low end. You can even emulate a Neve 1073 by following the small "n" and "donut" markings on the parametric sections. I recommend all first time users to take a quick look at the manual to fully understand the Lil Freq's capabilities. For more info on the Lil Freq visit Empirical Labs at and take a look at the other gear they offer. The Lil Freq can be purchased for $1699 at Sweetwater Sound or at Amazon @amazon Here's the iTunes @iTunesMusic link for Notch  "Raised By The People" album

Tony Maserati - Mixing drums, bass, vocals, guitars

Supa Engineer Duro