Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Wolf With Rhythm?

Akai is showing new products at Musikmesse 2014 including their new Rhythm Wolf moduleThe Rhythm Wolf is a combined Analog Drum Machine and Bass Synth.

From the press release:

"The drum machine consists of five highly-tweakable drum sounds and includes a kick, snare, open & closed hi-hat, and metallic percussion. Onboard controls allow users to customize the tuning, amplitude envelopes, and volume of each drum voice separately for precise real-time adjustment. The bass synthesizer features a selectable oscillator (sawtooth or square wave), classic filter design, a filter envelope with variable decay, and is capable of creating powerful bass sounds and squelchy leads."


  • 5-voice analog drum machine and synth
  • Thick analog drum sounds—kick, snare, open & closed hi-hat and metallic percussion
  • Onboard 32-step sequencer with classic drum machine workflow
  • Gate trigger In/Out for triggering your sequences via modular synths, vintage sequencers, or external sound sources
  • "Howl" knob with custom distortion signal path lets you crush and mangle sounds
  • Six custom-calibrated MPC pads for sequencing and finger drumming
  • Dedicated audio outputs for percussion sounds and bass synth

FutureMusic's video of Akai's Rhythm Wolf at Musikmesse 2014:


The Rhythm Wolf will be available Summer 2014 for $199.95.

Great layout, features and price but I want to hear what it sounds like. I will do another post once they have audio demos of the unit.