Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kush Audio's UBK Pusher is not your ordinary plugin.

The UBK Pusher from Kush Audio looks like it came from another planet. An alien manifestation of what a sound mangling plugin should look like. Kush Audio's Gregory Scott has a reputation for making hardware and software that has very unique qualities with exceptional sound. If the Pusher sounds as otherworldly as it looks we're all in for a treat.

So I downloaded the demo and tried it on some stock drums in a Logic Pro X session. I quickly made 4 presets and then proceeded to go through some of the built-in presets.

Here's a short video of the UBK Pusher plugin. (My apologies for the audio quality. It was done spur of the moment on my laptop speakers):


• Unique “Transient Enhancing” distortions

• Magnetic Saturation behaviors not possible with Analog

• 4 Chaotically Interactive Magnetic Cores

• Punchy Diode Limiter with variable Attack & Release

• Colorations ranging from subtly sweet to downright alien

• Multi-point Serial & Parallel Blend signal flow

• Cheat Mode labels & explains everything clearly

• iLok 1 or 2 required

Here'a video of Greg showing his products at NAMM 2014 (The UBK Pusher is featured at 1:55):

The UBK Pusher costs $149. Download the demo and give it a try.

Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think of the UBK Pusher.