Friday, August 2, 2013

Metric Halo’s 2013 Summer Sale

Metric Halo is currently having a Summer Sale on their product line which means huge savings for everyone. The sale prices are good until 9/15/2013.
I've been using Metric Halo products for over a decade and use my MIO 2882 +DSP along with their Production Bundle and Spectrafoo on every project.


From the website:

Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Deals!

ULN-8 - The Ultimate

$5995 Now Only: $3995

2882 - The Original

$1895 Now Only: $1595

Production Bundle - Must Have

$699 Now Only: $399

LIO-8 - TEC Award Winning

$3995 Now Only: $2695

LIO-8/4p - "Astonishing"

$4695 Now Only: $3145

LIO-8/8p - Best Value

$5320 Now Only: $3495

ULN-2 - Boutique Quality

$1695 Now Only: $1395

ULN-2 + 1 Jensen - Smooth

$2145 Now Only: $1795

ULN-2 + 2 Jensen - Smoother

$2495 Now Only: $2095

This special pricing is available through your local Metric Halo dealer or distributor, as well as directly from Metric Halo via the Online Store. This pricing cannot be combined with any other Metric Halo discounts or offers including educational accounts.