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Jeremy Ellis performing on Maschine


Avlex Corporation, the name audio professionals turn to for world-class wireless technology and microphones, proudly introduces the MIPRO ACT-7 Series Wideband Wireless Microphone Systems. Consisting of the MIPRO ACT-717a single channel, ACT-727a dual channel, and ACT-747a quad channel UHF receivers, the ACT-7Ta wideband UHF bodypack transmitter, and the ACT-7Ha wideband UHF handheld transmitter, MIPRO’s new ACT-7 Series Wideband Wireless Microphone Systems feature, stellar sound quality, and the rich feature set MIPRO is well-known for. These systems are the ideal choice for use in live performance, churches, theater, presentations, and countless additional applications where bandwidth is restricted.

The MIPRO ACT-717a, ACT-727a, and ACT-747a receivers each offer ultra-wide 216 MHz bandwidth (482 – 698 MHz) across three 72 MHz wide bands and provide up to 48 interference-free operating channels in band 5UA and 6UA and up to 44 interference-free operating channels in band 5US—facilitating plenty of choice to identify and select an open frequency, no matter how crowded the RF conditions may be. Band 5UA and 6UA receivers offer 384 selectable preset frequencies and band 5US receivers offer 364 selectable preset frequencies in 15 groups for quick easy set up and operation. A 16th user definable group enables users to select and save up to 16 user-defined presets choosing from 2,881 frequencies in each band. As is the case with MIPRO’s ACT Series wireless systems, the company’s highly acclaimed AutoScan and Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) channel setup technologies are present to make operation effortless.

Additional features of the MIPRO ACT-7 Series receivers include PLL (Phase-locked loop) synthesized RF technology with low spurious emissions and increased RF stability, third generation RF circuitry featuring improved anti-interference characteristics and increased interference-free channel operation, and enhanced RF saturated dynamic range that decreases interference and THD. Additionally, these True Diversity receivers incorporate MIPRO’s PiloTone and NoiseLock circuitry to improve reception with less interference and include RF interference warning indicators. The displays are easy to read, thanks to the industry’s only multi-functional full-color VFD (vacuum fluorescent display). For even greater control, MIPRO’s RCS27 software enables real-time computer set up, control, and monitoring.

Optimized for use with the new ACT-7 Series receivers, MIPRO’s ACT-7Ta wideband UHF bodypack transmitter offers a wealth of functionality. The new ACT-7Ta features improved RF circuitry, with expanded 36 MHz bandwidth. The transmitter’s high SPL input with MIPRO’s proprietary “Photo-cell Coupling” high dynamic range modulation circuitry further increases audio performance. Featuring a selectable impedance switch for mic, guitar, or line inputs, full sensitivity potentiometer level adjustment, a silent on/off switch, ACT circuitry for easy frequency setup, and mini-XLR connectivity with a threaded bayonet attachment, the new ACT-7Ta offers a comprehensive feature set. With durable lightweight magnesium alloy construction, it’s ready for the rigors of everyday use.

MIPRO’s ACT-7HMa wideband UHF handheld transmitter completes the system. Delivering premium performance expected by today’s audio professionals, the new ACT-7Ha features improved RF circuitry with expanded 36 MHz bandwidth, low power consumption, extremely low handling noise, and a lockable silent on/off switch. Most importantly, the ACT-7Ha is a top performer as a result of its standard premium MU79b cardioid condenser capsule. For even greater performance, the MU89b super-cardioid true condenser or MU39b super-cardioid dynamic capsules are optionally available. Add in ACT circuitry for easy frequency setup , its anti-pop, anti-roll multi-layer grill with low handling noise and superior off-axis rejection—not to mention its rugged magnesium alloy housing—the new ACT-7Ha is clearly ready for prime time.

Fred Canning, national sales manager for Avlex Corporation, commented on the new MIPRO ACT-7 Series UHF Wideband Wireless Microphone Systems. “The ACT-7 wireless microphone systems are the ideal solution to address the limited frequency bandwidth conditions that are present in many US markets,” notes Canning. “With the FCC rethinking and reallocating the frequency spectrum, it is increasingly difficult for professional users of wireless microphone systems to obtain the number of channels they need in today’s crowded RF environments. With the receivers’ ultra-wide 216 MHz bandwidth across three 72 MHz wide bands coupled with the transmitters’ expanded 36 MHz bandwidth, wireless users are now able to identity and lock in useable bandwidth far more easily. I’m confident audio professionals will find these new capabilities and the rich feature set of these products a compelling value.”

MIPRO’s ACT-7 Series Wideband Wireless Microphone Systems are available now and carry the following MSRP pricing:

• ACT-717a single channel UHF receiver: $495.00

• ACT-727a dual channel UHF receiver: $950.00

• ACT-747a quad channel UHF receiver: $1,825.00

• ACT-7Ta wideband UHF bodypack transmitter: $410.00

• ACT-7Ha wideband UHF handheld transmitter: $425.00

About Avlex Corporation

Avlex Corporation is a leading supplier of high quality, feature rich, and competitively priced professional audio products. The Avlex, Superlux, and MIPRO brands of microphones, wireless systems, electronics, and accessories are available through independent dealers and contractors nationwide. For additional information on Avlex Corporation, visit the company online

CAD Audio Adds New U9 MiniMic To Popular USB Mic Line

Solon, OH––With the introduction of the U9 MiniMic, CAD continues to bring award-winning audio technologies to the latest of its new multi-purpose USB microphones.

The U9 MiniMic plugs directly into PCs and Macs with a Headphone Out for playback monitoring and Skype. Its omnidirectional condenser capsule swivels 180 degrees for convenient positioning while delivering crisp, articulate audio. The LED indicates when the mic is active.

(MSRP: $39.00)

For more information about CAD Audio, please call 800.762.9266 or visit

Want Some Bass - SE-1X is still around !!!


SSL Duende Native plug-in collection

AT&T Offers Free Month Of iPad 2 Data For A Limited Time

Still haven’t bought your iPad 2 yet and wondering which flavor of 3G to get: AT&T or Verizon? Ma Bell’s now sweetening the pot if you’re willing to sign up with them. According to a mailing AT&T is sending around, they’re offering a free month of iPad data for a limited time, with no commitment or associated fees. All you have to do is call them up at 1-888-237-5888 and it sounds like they’ll hook you up.
AT&T phrases this offer as a way to “try your iPad” on their mobile broadband service, but of course, if you bought an AT&T iPad 2, you don’t really have a choice either way anymore.

Scientists Find Protein That Regulates Brain Function – "Neurofacin"

A team of British scientists at the University of Edinburgh claim to have singled out a key protein called "Neurofacin," that helps brain in transmitting information to the body.

Researchers say that Neurofacin is needed by the nerve fibers that regulate the transmission of information (impulses) within the brain, for their proper functioning, growth and maintenance.
These nerve fibers transmit tens of thousands of electrical impulses within the brain at any point of time, Dr. Matthew Nolan, one of the researchers, said in the study published in journal Neuron.
They believe that this could lead to a breakthrough in analyzing neurodegenerative disorders and strokes.
…and especially, how brain actually works.
FYI, the segment of nerve fibers that control transmission of messages within the brain measureno more than the width of your hair.

Looking to Hire Agent for Stylists

Halley Resources, Inc.
Location: New York

Looking to hire an additional booking agent to manage current roster and clientele as well as develop new business. Must be good team player and self-sufficient as well. Prior agency experience is preferred.Excellent working environment -- nice people, good humor, talented artists.

To Apply: email letter and resume to (NO CALLS)

SSL K-9000 XL Recording Studio in North Hollywood $3,250,000

Featuring the largest SSL Consoles in the USA featuring two control rooms, two recording studios, a comprehensive equipment inventory, private lounge and off street parking. Includes full amenities! 

This Studio has been providing world class recording and mixing services to leading music producers and artists since 1984. Featuring dual control rooms, each facilitating the largest Solid State Logic K-9000 XL Series consoles in the USA each with 96 inputs, eight-channel monitoring system and Pro Tools HD integration.

Over the years this studio has hosted many name acts that produced numerous number one hits and 100's of gold albums... among them "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Wants" by Christina Aguilera, mixes by Dave Way and John Marie Hovart. Another #1 hit, "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child, was recorded here by Lashawn Daniels and Brad Gilderman. Additional credits include Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston.

The studios have been featured in leading trade publications such as "Mix" and "Audio" magazine in recognition of the studios ongoing commitment to providing the pinnacle in musical recording and mixing services.

West Control Room: 25'X25'
Live Recording Studio: 35'X30'
SSL K-9000 XL console, 96 inputs with eight channel monitoring system.

East Control Room Size: 25'X25'
Live Recording Studio: 25'X25'
SSL K-9000 XL console, 96 inputs with eight channel monitoring system.

Private lounges for each studio.

Located near the NoHo District of North Hollywood, CA.
This business for sale includes the real estate it occupies.

Bon Jovi Says Steve Jobs Is “Personally Responsible For Killing Music”

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs is “personally responsible for killing the music business” with iTunes.
In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Bon Jovi says kids no longer enjoy the “magical” experience of buying and enjoying LPs because of digital downloads. He hates to sound like an “old man,” he says, but it’s all Jobs’ fault:
“Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album; and the beauty of taking your allowance money and making a decision based on the jacket, not knowing what the record sounded like, and looking at a couple of still pictures and imagining it. God, it was a magical, magical time. I hate to sound like an old man now, but I am, and you mark my words, in a generation from now people are going to say: ‘What happened?’. Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.”
I’m an old man too, but I’ve never enjoyed music more. I much prefer my fantastic Sonos music system than my old record player. I do recall the excitement of buying a new LP every week. I doubt I’d get the same excitement these days, but that’s not Steve Jobs’ fault.
As for killing music, I’d say Bon Jovi has done more on that front than Steve Jobs.
Incidentally, Bon Jovi sits on a White House panel with Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. Both are members of the White House council for Community Solutions. Might be awkward at the next meeting.

Recording Studio in Palm Springs $777,000

Newly built, features a SSL 9048J console, Digidesign HD3 digital editing system and a Sony APR24 24-track 2" recorder and a very comprehensive inventory of outboard gear and mics.  Control room, live tracking room, vocal/iso booth, machine room, private lounge and off street parking.  The entire space was professionally designed and built to the highest standards, room within a room construction tuned with custom traps, resonators, baffles, diffusers, absorbers and isolators.  Console commissioning and all studio wiring and panels designed and installed by Paul Cox.  Very flexible systems includes speaker and line level patching, headphone system, networking, mic and tie lines clearly labeled on custom panels.  All studio equipment is wired to a 100amp Equi-tech balanced power panel.  The studio has 4 separate super efficient HVAC units and the office/warehouse has a separate unit making 5 total for the facility.  This newly built studio and its equipment package are in top working condition ready to record!  Serious inquiries only please.  Equipment list available upon request.  This business for sale includes the real estate it occupies.

Sknote GTS-39

Limiting Tube Compressor.
Limiting and Saturation from '50

Roland VP-330 clone VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus VST

Twitter’s 1 Billionth Tweet Took 3 years, 2 months And 1 day; Now Merely A Week By Ha Cong Tien

Twitter, a social networking and microblogging service combined, turns five this week, and on this occasion, has revealed some of its interesting milestones never before announced.
GROWING AT RECORD SPEEDS. What does it mean? Since the first tweet was made by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, it took 3 years, 2 months and a day for the one billionth Tweet to be made on Twitter. And now, it merely takes a week’s time.
If that’s not growth, about 460,000 people signup on Twitter each day (February stats) and the service’s mobile usage has gone up nearly 2 fold since last year (182% to be exact). And again, for the record, 572,000 signed up for the service on March 12, 2011.
An average of 140 million Tweets were sent in February, up from 50 million sent per day in 2010. For the record, 177 million Tweets were send in March this year.
DID YOU KNOW? Michael Jackson death news spread like wild fire on Twitter in 2009 (June 25) when it first broke out. 456 Tweets sent per second (TPS) during that time was a record back then. Merely any match to the current TPS record of 6,939 Tweets Per Second sent on New Year’s Eve in Japan. (Editor’s Note: No offense, I understand that Twitter has grown hugely since then.)
Twitter currently boasts more than 190 million registered users, but just about 400 employees to manage it all.

Usher hit with sex tape allegations

Usher is at the center of controversy over a sex tape, which allegedly features the singer with his ex-wife Tameka Foster.
Reporters at claim to have been offered footage which allegedly shows Usher in bed with his former partner. The tape is being shopped around to various media outlets, and could turn up for public viewing soon.
The website reports the tape could have been one of the items taken when Usher's car was broken into back in 2009.
A representative for the singer had not commented on the reports as WENN went to press.
Usher and Foster divorced in 2009 after two years of marriage. They are parents to two sons.


@IamAdamDuncan @IamJimJonsin @DROPDEADBEATS @MACKONTHERADIO @iTunesMusic
I used the UAD CS-1 on Adam Duncan's @IAmAdamDuncan Spring Break Anthem "Drunk Like Me" prod. by Jim Jonson @IamJimJonsin and DropDeadBeats @DROPDEADBEATS . The UAD CS-1 is included with every UAD purchase and consists of four sections. First there's a five band parametric Equalizer. Four of the bands can be parametric, shelving or low/high pass filters with individual bypass for each band. ±18 dB of gain plus a frequency range of 20hz to 20khz on each band makes this a very capable equalizer. Next is the compressor with variable attack from 0.05 milliseconds to 100.00 milliseconds and release of 25 milliseconds to 2.5 secs. The ratio is variable from 1 to infinity and it has auto makeup gain (the output gain is increased depending on the amount of compression). The Eq and Compressor
section is also available together as a separate plugin called the EX-1. The DM-1 Delay Modulator is next with tempo sync and delay times of 0 to 300ms in delay mode and 0 to 125ms in chorus and flange mode. You can set the left and right delay times separately. The pop-up menu allows you to select from various types of chorus , flange and delay effects. The Depth and Ratio knobs adjust the amount of modulation that’s applied to the signal. As stated in the manual “In Dual Delay and Ping Pong Delay modes, adjusting the Depth and Rate controls can offer some very otherworldly sounds”. The LFO type pop-up menu selects between sine or triangle with a phase of 0, 90 or 180 degrees. The Recirculation (RECIRC) knob determines the amount of processed signal that goes back (is recirculated) into the input. Negative values feeds processed signal that goes in and out of phase and positive values feeds processed signal that’s in phase with the dry signal. RECIRC is usually displayed as a percentage but in Delay mode it’s displayed as T60 time (the time it takes the signal to drop in level60 decibels). The Damping knob is a low pass filter that reduces the high frequencies in the processed signal (similar to a tape delay). The Wet/Dry mix sets the balance between dry and processed signal. 0% is just the dry signal and 100% is just the wet signal (negative values put the wet signal out of phase with the dry). The L-R Pan knobs control the stereo width of the processed signal. Last but not least we have the RS –1 Reflection Engine which offers many different room shapes and sizes (reverb) selected from the SHAPE pop-up menu. It can also be tempo synced and the delay knob sets how long it takes for the first reflection to occur. The Size knob controls the time between each reflection. The RECIRC knob does the same as in the DM-1 and controls the intensity of the reverbs/delays. Damping (low pass filter) Wet/Dry and L-R pan also works the same as the DM-1 mentioned earlier. Each section can be bypassed and it’s output level adjusted independently. When bypassed the CPU load of the plugin is decreased. The EX-1, DM-1 and RS-1 can also be selected as a separate plugin.

Visit UAD’s website for more info on this and many more plugins at . 
Check out Adam Duncan at
And here’s the iTunes @iTunesMusic link to “Drunk Like Me” http://