Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Pierre Oliver-Margerand, the owner/designer of Pom Audio Design said his new POMPYE stereo compressor is based on the original PYE compressors which became famous back in the 60's and is still a favorite with many engineers/producers. I got to see and hear them in action many years ago while chatting with Tom Lord Alge at South Beach Studios.

Pom Audio Design specializes in the "design, maintenace, repair, update or re-make of any high quality compressors, limiters and preamps to order.... made between 1939 and 1981". (Only UK customers can book a repair.)

I think the POMPYE will work well as part of the recording chain, "re-amping" tracks as well as strapped across the stereo buss of your DAW, console or summing chain.

Take a look/listen to the POMPYE in this intro video by Kore Studios :

I look forward to hearing it in person and using it on a recording and mixing session.

For the features and specifications visit

The POMPYE compressor's price is £1990/$2828.32. Contact Pierre for ordering info.