Monday, September 30, 2013

Vermona DSR-3 Dual Spring Reverb

Looking for a great sounding rack mount Spring Reverb?  Then take a look/listen to the DSR-3 Dual Spring Reverb from Vermona. The DSR-3 is based on the highly acclaimed Accutronics Reverb and is actually their fourth reverb. 

The other three are the RetubeVerb which is valve based;

the RetroVerb Lancet which is a desktop unit; 

and the VSR-3 which is a simpler rackmount unit.

"The DSR-3 - dual spring reverb - is a professional spring reverberation unit for use with stereophonic sound sources. Besides this function, the unit offers additional parallel and serial operational modes for advanced and creative applications....."

The DSR-3 has very flexible routing and a D.I. (instrument) input. The reverb can be turned off if needed with the effect stop switch but still retain the tone/color of the unit.

  • STEREO for the use with stereophonic sound sources. For perfect channel matching, the first SPRING REVERB channel's physical controls are used to define both channels settings.
  • DUAL MONO for use with two independent sound sources. Each DSR–3 channel works as an independent unit.
  • SERIAL for experimental reverberation effects. Here, the first SPRING REVERB channel is fed into the second channel. This allows creation of long lasting reverberation tails.
  • Balanced and Unbalanced I/O
  • Bass and Treble controls
  • Hand matched high quality Accubell reverberation springs
  • D.I. Input


  • max. input sensitivity: -14 dBu
  • max. input level: +20 dBu
  • output impedance
    • TS front: 1 MΩ
    • TS rear: 100 kΩ
    • XLR: 10 kΩ
  • max. output level: +20 dBu
  • output impedance: 600 Ω
  • signal-to-noice XLR
    • direct: 90 dB
    • effect: 65 dB
  • EQ
    • bass: 40 Hz / ±13 dB
    • treble: 7 kHz / ±22 dB
There's a review on It's in German but you can read the the English Translation here. There is an audio example on the right side of the page that gives you an idea of the DSR-3 sound.

The DSR-3 will be available in October 2013. Price TBA.