Monday, December 17, 2012

Metric Halo’s 2012 Holiday Sale

If you've been thinking of purchasing any Metric Halo gear or software now is a great time to do so as their having a Holiday Sale till Dec. 25, 2012.  I use their Production Bundle and MIO 2882 daily. If you use Protools 10 don't forget to try out their new FREE Thump plugin.

Here is the email I received recently with details on the sale:

Announcing Metric Halo’s 2012 Holiday Sale

Happy Holidays! We know that you have been very, very good and it's time to reward yourself with the gift of better sound and a great workflow!

We want to help, so for a very limited time, we are making the TEC Award winning LIO-8 and ULN-8, along with all of our other award winning products, (including the new Production Bundle - now shipping on AU [Mac] and AAX [Mac/Win]) available at an amazing price!


Also, if you haven’t already downloaded Thump for AAX, take advantage of our FREE download and get yourself some super-low-end for the New Year! You can download the plugin from the Thump download page(registration required).

You can take advantage of these special offers until 12/25/2012!

Orders received after 12/20/2012 will ship on or after 1/2/2013.
Hardware ProductsRegular PriceSpecial Price
ULN-2 + 1 Jensen$2145$1823
ULN-2 + 2 Jensen$2495$2121
Hardware UpgradesRegular PriceSpecial Price
2d Card Upgrade for 2882$400$300
2d Card Upgrade for ULN-2$550$412
LIO-8 Channel 1-4 Mic Pre Upgrade Kit$700$525
LIO-8 Channel 5-8 Mic Pre Upgrade Kit**$625$469
Software ProductsRegular PriceSpecial Price
+DSP License*$699$524
MH Production Bundle for Pro Tools AU/AAX (Mac + Win)$699$524
MH Individual AU/AAX (Mac + Win) Plugins:
ChannelStrip 3, Character, HaloVerb,
Multiband Dynamics, Precision DeEsser,
Transient Control or Multiband Expander
SpectraFoo Complete$800$600

This is a great opportunity to get your first unit, an additional unit, an upgrade for your existing unit, or add some sexy signal processing to your system and bring your projects to the next level!
This special pricing is available through your local Metric Halo dealer or distributor, as well as directly from Metric Halo via the Online StoreThis pricing cannot be combined with any other Metric Halo discounts or offers including educational accounts.
Metric Halo
Phone: 1-727-725-9555
Fax: 1-603-250-2451

* +DSP License requires a 2d Card to be installed (all Expanded and LIO-8 units include 2d Cards from the factory).

** LIO-8 Channel 5-8 Mic Pre Upgrade Kit requires Channel 1-4 Mic Pre Upgrade Kit to be installed.