Friday, March 15, 2013

The Branch - All Tube Channel Strip

Tree Audio has announced their latest offering, an All Tube Channel Strip called the Branch. It is based on their Roots Tube Hybrid Console and offers a Mic In, Line In and front mounted DI Input. The Branch also provides LO/HI EQ and Limiter plus custom Transformers on both Input and Output. I'm sure it's a great sounding unit and I like the layout of the front panel. I wonder if a 2 channel unit is in the works?


  • Front Panel Direct Input 
  • Rear Mounted XLR connectors for Mic In, Line In and Output 
  • Big Knob Level Control 
  • Lo Freq Eq: 50, 80, 100, 400Hz 
  • Hi Freq EQ: 7k, 10k, 12k, 16khz 
  • Limiter Switch (In,Out, 250Hz HPF) 
  • Gain Reduction Knob 
  • Line, Mic, Mic with Phase Reverse Selector 
  • Pad Switch: Off, -15, -20db 
  • Mute Switch 
  • 48vDC Phantom Power 
  • Large VU with In, Gain Reduction, Out Switch 
  • Custom Wound Input/Output Transformers 
  • Vacuum Tube and Linear Regulated Power Supply included 
  • Same quality sound, circuitry and construction as The Roots Console 
  • 3-Rack Space 19" Rackmount