Thursday, February 6, 2014

The meC 500 aka Mean Joe Green

When they coined the phrase "going green" I don't think the meC 500 compressor from Joe Meek was what they had in mind. But the MeC 500 is "green" not just in color but in the way it packs a big sonic punch in a small but impressive package.

From the manual:

"The Joemeek 500 Series meC Compressor recreates the punchy sound of photoelectric compressors that were used by record producer Joe Meek in the 1960s. Robustly engineered for predictable and controllable performances, this simple-to-use compressor brings a professional touch to your recordings and live performances."

Costing only $299 and being stereo linkable the meC 500 seems like a great way to add some "attitude" to your recording chain or mix/summing buss.



Input Impedance15 kΩ
Common Mode Rejection70 dB
Equivalent Input Noise-91 dBu (unweighted, no make-up gain)
Distortion0.001% (below compressor threshold)
Frequency Response10 Hz to 70 kHz (-3 dB)
Maximum Input Level+22 dBu
Maximum OutputBefore Clip: +28 dBu (10,000 load)
Nominal Output Level+dBu (electronically balanced)
Output Impedance100 Ω
Compressor Threshold-20 dBu to +22 dBu (variable)
RatioCompressor: 1:1 to 10:1 (variable)
Attack TimeCompressor: 1 to 100 ms (variable, adaptive)
Release TimeCompressor: 0.1 to 3 sec (variable, adaptive)
MetersGR: 8-segment LED bar graph
Output NoiseFloor: -85 dBu (typical unweighted)
I/O ConnectionsXLR: pin 2+, pin 3-, pin 1 ground
Current RequirementsMaximum 130 mA per rail
ComplianceVPI Alliance, WHOS-Doc, RoHS
SizeStandard 500 Series module
Weight1.43 lb (0.65 kg)

Here's an overview of the meC 500 via Sweetwater Sound: