Sunday, April 21, 2013

PSP SpringBox

Seems like PSPAudioware has released another winner to their long list of plugins with the PSP SpringBox. Perfect timing as I'm currently mixing a project that requires just this type of reverb. I will do a follow-up post where I share some of the settings I use on said project. 

In the meantime here's some info from the website:

The PSP SpringBox "...recreates several features typical of a spring reverb, such as a convincing “boing” on transients and a repeatable resonating musical character with an adjustable presence. A selection of configurations from two to six springs total is provided, as well as the ability to set stereo spread and pan/balance configured to suit various mix setups - from a typical guitar reverb to a creative uses as a send reverb in the mix. Thanks to PSP SpringBox’s two channel A and B settings setup and range of presets operation is fast and easy."

PSP also posted a video showing the Springbox being used on drums:

$49 until May 1st 2013. $69 thereafter.

Download the 14 day demo here.