Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Have you heard the Sound Skulptor CP5176?

Sound Skulptor is a French based audio manufacturer that specializes in high quality D.I.Y.
kits. The CP5176 is a 500 series module that is based on the Urei 1176 Limiter/Compressor which is considered a studio classic. I would love to demo the CP5176 in the studio. (Think I might have to call Josh and Chris over at Little Fish Audio to see if we could arrange it.)

You can read my post on the Urei 1176 here.

CP5176 Features

  • Cinemag transformers on input and output,
  • 5 ratios + SLAM mode (all buttons mode),
  • All discrete class A audio path,
  • DOA based, API* 2520 compatible, output stage (discrete Op-Amp),
  • High pass filter in the sidechain,
  • Distortion mode adds 3% of second harmonic, close to Rev A,
  • High resolution gain reduction meter,
  • Available assembled or as a full kit (everything included)

CP5176 Controls

1 Input Potentiometer that sets the signal level before compression. It defines the compression threshold.
2 Out Potentiometer that set the signal level after compression (make up gain).
3 Ratio Rotary switch that sets the compression ratio from 2 to 20. Ratio 2, allowing more subtle compressions, has been added to the original circuit. The SLAM mode is the "all buttons pressed" on the 1176.
4 Attck Potentiometer that sets the attack time: The delay before the compressor starts reducing gain.
5 Rel Potentiometer that sets the release time: Time that the compressor takes before returning to the "no gain reduction" state.
6 Gr High resolution gain reduction display: 16 LED's from -1dB to -22dB.
7 HPF Inserts a 80 Hz high-pass filter in the sidechain. Produces a Fat sound and eliminates bass driven pumping.
8 Dist Modifies the signal balance on the FET, adding second harmonic distortion. Close to the Rev A version of 1176.
9 Link Connects two compressors in stereo mode.
10 LED that shows the bypass status.
11 Off Compressor bypass button (hardware by relay).

CP5176 Circuitry

1 Original Cinemag input transformer.
2 All discrete audio path with high grade components.
3 Discrete Op-Amp output circuit, pin compatible with API* 2520.
4 Original Cinemag output transformer.
5 Easy setup of 3 trimmers with a voltmeter, without iteration.
6 16 LED's gain reduction meter.

Get complete info on the CP5176 including assembly guides on the website.

Kit: 295.00 €/ $407.51
Assembled: 495.00 € / $683.79