Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tech Tues.: Using Delays as Reverb

The above pic is the setting I used on the Eventide UltraChannel for a mix . In the short ITL video shown below, Dave demonstrates how delays can be used in place of reverb to create a  unique space for guitar tracks. This technique also works great with other sounds including vocals. As Dave states you can use any delay including the stock delays in your DAW to create this effect.

Here's a snapshot of the stock AIR Multi-Delay in Protools:

Here's Dave's ITL:

In the past when mixing with a SSL analog console and outboard gear I would use an Eventide Harmonizer H3000/4500 etc. to create this effect  and even take it a step further by slightly detuning the pitch of the delays within the H3000. 

If you were able to download the Eventide UltraChannel plugin when it was first released as a free plugin you can easily duplicate the effect. If not it is currently on sale till Jan 31st, 2016 for only $49. A fully functional 30 day demo is available.

Next week I will do a follow up post showing some of the many creative ways delays can be used from subtle chorusing to extreme dub effects.