Monday, March 3, 2014

Cymatic Audio's (3 in 1) uTRACK 24

I think Cymatic Audio is onto something with their new 24 channel uTRACK 24 interface/Recorder/Multi-track playback unit. It operates independently of a computer and records 24bit, 96k audio to USB drives. Cymatic also said that remote control by external software will be available in the near future. All at an unbelievable price of $999. It has great features and if it has good converters I could definitely utilize the uTRACK 24 on live gigs and in the studio.

Check out the full list of features:


  • Allows connection of 24 channels of balanced input/output through 25-pin D-Sub connectors
  • Alternate format 24x24 I/O using optional digital expansion module
  • 24-bit resolution, 96kHz sample rate
  • Records directly to off-the-shelf USB hard drives attached to convenient front-panel USB port
  • 3-segment hardware input metering per input channel
  • Large, easy to use illuminated front panel transport controls
  • Internal DSP mixer allows internal monitoring of stereo mix of all 24 inputs through front-panel headphone output. Adjust level, panning, mute, and solo for all 24-inputs while enjoying detailed 24-segment hardware input metering, all with no external mixer required!
  • Synchronize two uTrack 24 recorders for a total track count of 48 tracks
  • RJ-45 Network connection allowing for future implementation of remote control from external software (not yet available)
  • BNC Word Clock Input/Output allows integration into larger digital systems
  • Large, detailed LCD screen, dedicated menu buttons, and rotary push control allow for fast and intuitive adjustment of various settings


  • Play back up to 24 tracks of audio, perfect for “virtual sound check” duties or augmenting live players with pre-recorded tracks
  • Play back of Standard MIDI Files
  • Free, downloadable playlist editor allows you to easily create custom audio playlists, with customization capabilities such as:
  • Assigning an audio file’s output channel
  • Creating set lists
  • Set pause times between songs
  • Assigning continuous play between songs
  • Edit song order, on the fly, from the front panel
  • Playback Start and Stop via front-panel footswitch input
  • Loop playback and mark-in/mark-out points allows for easy looping


  • The uTrack24 also works as a powerful and affordable 24x24 computer audio interface
  • Dedicated control room and headphone outputs with individual hardware level controls
  • 24-bit/96kHz support
  • Compatible with OSX, Windows, and iOS

The Cymatic Audio uTRACK 24 should be available in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Cymatic Audio