Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tech Tues.: Hardware EQs and Compressors compared.

Here are two videos by Torsten Matthiessen comparing different hardware equalizers and compressors. It's not the same as hearing the units in person but you should still be able to discern the differences between the units.

The 1st video features 8 high end Equalizers:

1. BAE 1073

2. Chandler Limited 
Curve Bender 

3. Tube Tech PE 1A (currently in production as the PE 1C. Read about the differences here).

4. Great River EQ2-NV

5. Kush Audio Clariphonic

6. Summit Audio EQP200B

7. Manley Massive Passive

8. The Eq section of the Sony Oxford DMX-R100 console.( no longer in production, but the algorithm for the Sonnox 
Oxford EQ Plugin is the same).


The 2nd video features 8 high end compressors:

1. BAE 10DC 

2. Chandler LTD-2

3. Chandler Zener Limiter 

4. Tube Tech CL1b 

5. Purple Audio MC76 

6. GSSL Sonic Squeezer

7. Empirical Labs FATSOjr

8. Manley Labs ELOP


I've used quite a few of the pieces shown in these two videos and I'm curious as to which are your favorites. 

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