Monday, March 21, 2011

Shame: Man In Jamaica Violates His Girl For Breaking His Chain!

Funny News - Angry Taco Bell customer fires at officers

Monday, March 21, 2011
Taco Bell
Taco Bell (AP Photo)
Police say a San Antonio Taco Bell customer enraged that the seven burritos he ordered had gone up in price fired an air gun at an employee and later fired an assault rifle at officers before barricading himself into a hotel room.

San Antonio police Sgt. Chris Benavides says officers used tear gas Sunday night to force the man from the hotel room after a three-hour standoff. The man is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. Authorities have not released his name.
Brian Tillerson, a manager at the Taco Bell/KFC restaurant, told the San Antonio Express-News that the man was angry the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone from 99 cents to $1.49 each.

Police say the man fired on officers during a traffic stop after the restaurant incident.

Tripoli targeted for third night

A coalition of Western Allies has launched a series of air strikes against military targets in Libya. US and British warships and submarines in the Mediterranean, as well as British, US and French fighter jets, took part in the raids.

More fighters are now being moved to forward positions, closer to Libya. British jets are flying down to southern Italy. Danish and Canadian jets are on standby in Sicily.

Mayan Prophecy Predicted Massive Earthquake for Almost Same Time Japan’s Earthquake Occurred

Apparently, the Mayans predicted the Earthquake in Japan and therefore many fatalists are asking, could 2012 be the real deal?
Most religions and cultures share a perception that things as we know them, won’t last forever. Countless predictions have been made about how it’s all going to go down and again, mostcultures and religions coincide in that it will not be a pretty thing.
According to scholars who have studied what was left of Mayan writings after the Spaniards ravaged them to shreds and burned every book they could find, the Mayans used the movement of the cosmos as tale tell signs of what was going to happen to us here on Earth.
The Mayans created calendars based on their calculations and came up with nine cycles, which span from the origin of the earth, to its “end.”
True or not, we have to hand it to the Mayans: they knew a ridiculous lot about stars. For instance, they calculated the exact duration of a year to a thousandth of a decimal point, before math was a popular subject taught in schools. Also, they were able to predict every solar and lunar eclipse up to this day. Most intriguing, December 21 2012 is, cosmically speaking, a day unlike any other; it will be the winter solstice, and the Sun will sit precisely on the heavenly crossroads between the Milky Way and the galactic equinox, forming a perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy.
According to the Mayan scriptures, the world has gone through all nine cycles each one ending with a bang. The first cycle was ended by a jaguar eating everyone on Earth, the second cycle ended in air, the third cycle, which started 41 million years ago was completed with fire, the fourth cycle, the cycle of “mind” was ended with a flood some hundred thousand years ago… you get the idea.
Here’s where things get spooky: The last cycle orwave, the “Unity” cycle ended on March 9 2011, and the Mayans predicted it would end with a massive earthquake. The massive Japanese earthquake occurred on the 10th of March.

Khadafy's son Khamis killed in suicide air strike on Tripoli compound

Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy may be mourning the death of his son Khamis, according to reports.
Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy may be mourning the death of his son Khamis, according to reports.

Khamis Khadafy
, 27, is the Libyan despot's sixth son. He has been leading his own brigade against the rebels since the uprising broke out, The Associated Press reported on Mar. 1.The Libyan government is denying reports that Moammar Khadafy's son was killed in an air attack in Tripoli on Saturday night.
According to reports on NBN TV in Lebanon, Khamis died when a Libyan pilot conducted a suicide air mission, crashing his plane into into the Bab al-Aziziya compound where the dictator's son was holed up with relatives.
Khamis is said to have died in the hospital of extensive burn wounds, according to the reports.
But the Khadafy regime denied the story on Monday, calling it "a nonsensical piece of news."
Khamis was expelled from Madrid's IE business school earlier this month for his "links to the attacks against the Libyan population," a spokeswoman for the school told Bloomberg News.

Noah's Ark for Nature In Norway

In a remote mountainside on the Norwegian tundra sits the "doomsday vault," a backup against disaster -- manmade or otherwise. Inside lives the last hope should the unthinkable occur: a global seedbank that could be used to replant the world. 

The preciousness of the seeds there is also reflected in the inaccessible nature of the vault. "Anyone seeking access to the seeds themselves will have to pass through four locked doors: the heavy steel entrance doors, a second door approximately 115 meters down the tunnel and finally the two keyed air-locked doors," the Trust writes. "Keys are coded to allow access to different levels of the facility. Not all keys unlock all doors."

The Coles 4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The Coles 4050 is the first stereo microphone designed by Coles Electroacoustics. The Coles 4050 is not only a stereo mic, but it transforms from its stereo configuration into two completely separate mono mics.
The mount has magnets that allow the two mono mics to connect together transforming it into a stereo mic. The 4050 was developed from the critically acclaimed Coles 4040 capsule that features extended frequency response and high output making it a very versatile capsule.

The Europa One Pre-Amplifier from Dave Hill Designs

Dave Hill Designs is proud to introduce a totally unique design concept in microphone pre amplifier technology, The Europa One.
Included are the standard functions such as phase, phantom power and an instrument input.
The microphone input has 3 input impedance choices: 2.2K ohms for normal microphone operation, 300 ohm, or different microphone sounds and a  instrument input which has an impedance of 1.2 Meg ohms -- ideal for guitars.
The gain over all is adjustable in 1db steps from 0 to 66db on the mic input and 0 to 30 db on the instrument input. Gain is displayed on a 2 digit led display.
The low cut filter, which is a 3 pole, 18db per octave, has 8 frequencies: 148 Hz, 130 Hz, 117 Hz, 100 Hz, 81 Hz, 63 Hz, 48 Hz, 33 Hz, and off.
Unique to the Europa pre-amp are 3 controls for changing the color of the pre-amp:
The first control is a SPEED which changes how fast the pre-amp can respond. The control goes from 0 to 8 with 8 being the fastest rate, and 0 being very drastic.
The even harmonic control provides 9 levels of color from 0 to 8.
The odd harmonic control which also has 9 levels color with the 0 setting being the cleanest in both cases.
These three controls are a series analog process so that the even harmonic control affects the sound of the speed control and the odd harmonic control affects the sound of both the speed and even harmonic controls
All the controls; gain, speed, even harmonic, the odd harmonic controls are stepped which makes it easy to recall settings.
The level meter has a 0 VU reference point of (+4dbu) with one db steps going to +20 db above 0VU and to -25 db below 0 VU with the steps being larger than 1 db below -16 db.
The maximum output level is +24 dbu balanced with the maximum balanced input level of +24 dbu at 0 db of gain. This allows the Europa 1 pre-amp to be used in a mix environment for coloring.

Kanex XD Lets You Use Your Console & Blu-ray Player With Your iMac

If you have a 27-inch iMac or 27-inch Apple LCD Cinema Display and you don’t already know about theKanex XD, then you should. This miniature aluminum box enables you to take any device with a HDMI connection – such as your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Blu-ray player – and hook it up to your iMac or Cinema Display via the Mini DisplayPort connector.
It’s perfect for casual gaming at your desk or catching a Blu-ray in your lunch hour, and it’s a great way to make the most out of your expensive Apple display.
Read on to find out more about the Kanex XD!

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Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.7

If you thought your old friend Snow Leopard was getting a little long in the tooth, fear not: Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.7, the latest update to the venerable feline.
In addition to providing the standard enhancements for stability, compatibility, and security, 10.6.7 improves the reliability of Back to My Mac, resolves an issue with transferring files to SMB servers, and makes minor updates to the Mac App Store. In addition, the update incorporates a number of security fixes to Snow Leopard, which are also available separately as Security Update 2011-001.
Other fixes packed into the update include additional RAW image compatibility for digital cameras, an issue with MacBook Air (Mid 2010) kernel panics, and AirPort driver issues. In addition, brightness on external displays and projects is improved, as is a DVD Player playback issue on 64-bit Macs.
Also fixed is a rare issue in Mac OS X 10.6.5 that could cause user accounts to disappear from the Login window and System Preferences after putting the system to sleep.
Mac OS X 10.6.7 is available in both server and client editions via Software Update and directly from Apple’s Website. For the full list of fixes, read on.
  • Improve the reliability of Back to My Mac.
  • Resolve an issue when transferring files to certain SMB servers.
  • Address various minor Mac App Store issues.
Additional improvements
  • Includes all the improvements in the previous Mac OS X v10.6.1, 10.6.2, 10.6.3, 10.6.4, 10.6.5, and 10.6.6 updates.
  • Includes Safari 5.0.4.
  • Includes RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras.
  • For information about the security content of this update, please visit article HT1222.
  • Resolves a window resizing issue with X-Plane 9 on Macs with ATI graphics
  • Addresses an issue with MacBook Air (Mid 2010) computers that could cause a kernel panic.
  • Address issues in the AirPort driver for certain devices.
  • Improves brightness on external displays and projectors.
  • Addresses an issue where DVD Player may display black video on some Macs using the 64-bit kernel.
  • Addresses an issue with some NEC displays in which the screen may appear black when connected to a Mac Pro (Mid 2010).
  • Resolves an issue in which some Multiple Master (MM) fonts were missing from Mac Pro (Mid 2010), MacBook Pro (15-inch & 17-inch Mid 2010), and iMac (Mid 2010) computers.
  • Addresses various issues with MacBook Air (Mid 2010) computer performance.
  • Resolves an issue in which clicking the Updates tab in the Mac App Store could cause the Mac App Store to become unresponsive.
  • Fixes a problem opening an afp:// URL that points to a file, and changes the AFP mount path to conform to previous Mac OS X releases. For details, see article HT4538.
  • Includes the ability to repair certain issues that may prevent hardware RAID volumes from mounting. For more information, see article TS3631.
  • Fixes a rare issue in Mac OS X v10.6.5 that could cause user accounts to disappear from the Login window and System Preferences after putting the system to sleep.
  • Improves the reliability of dragging files or folders to the Trash when using an NFS home directory.

Loft With Studio For Sale NYC $2,400,000

This is a stunning, contemporary-design commercial co-op loft featuring a private, state of the art, multi-room music recording & production studio. Located right in the heart of Chelsea- home of the record label industry, its is a turn-key facility thats produced many hit remixes for superstars like Rhihana, Janet Jackson, Usher, Christina Aguilera, and Whitney Houston. A bright, massive 5000 square foot space encompassing the entire 2nd floor, it boasts soaring 13 foot ceilings, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and the utmost in advanced technology, comfort and style. Unit contains 2 Fran Manzella-designed, soundproofed mixing/recording… studios + vocal booth, fully-integrated HD system and movie soundtrack platform. Abundant special features include: direct floor access, reception area, a sleek copper, steel & exposed brick lounge with kitchen for entertaining guests; newly renovated main kitchen, private guest quarters with full bath en suite, 2nd full bath, additional powder room, bonus office, washer/dryer, and security system. This sophisticated, thoughtfully-designed loft is the ultimate creative environment for the leading producer, artist or industry executive destined to turn their next project into the worlds next sensational hit record or movie soundtrack. To see video go

Reebok's Marketing VP Talks New Campaigns, Social Media Strategy

Rich Prenderville
In Reebok’s new global ad campaigns for two key brands, lead creative agency DDB takes decidedly different approaches. The effort forZigTech footwear and apparel features world-class athletes like the Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning and Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas, whileads for EasyTone—a line of sneakers and apparel geared toward women—center on actual consumers. Both campaigns mix traditional TV, print and outdoor ads with digital and social media marketing, and will run through the end of the year. In an interview with Adweek, Rich Prenderville, vp of marketing at Reebok, which spends $100 million on media annually, discusses how comments on Facebook inspired the EasyTone strategy and how Reebok has changed the way it picks athletes for its ads.

Adweek: What are you looking for as you evaluate the effectiveness of both campaigns? 
Prenderville: We want to get feedback from consumers that say they understand the messaging. We, as a brand, feel that our strategic territory is to bring fun to staying in shape. We see the other brands in the space and they’re a little more the blood, sweat and tears of that, and we think fun is a motivating factor for consumers.

How is the new ZigTech advertising different than last year’s? 
In both of the [2011] campaigns, we are really driving much more robust marketing platforms. If you go back to 2008 with our brand, we were not doing a lot of communication or marketing. In 2009 and 2010, we had to announce ourselves back and we did that through advertising. Now we’re back on track to deliver marketing platforms. So, there’s much more digital integration. There’s much more social media integration.

How are you using social media? 
EasyTone actually started from social media—at least this version of it. We had launched the toning category and really put that out there. I think we did some provocative work in 2010. Consumers came back and were talking about it in blogs and on social media, like Facebook. We really picked up on that and said, “Well, you know what? This is a story that we’ve given to consumers. Let’s celebrate the ‘every person’ in the spots.” So, the women that we’ve used . . . come from everyday life. They have day jobs.  

What are the pros and cons of taking a global approach as opposed to the more regional, market-by-market tack you used in the past? How do you view that transition? 
That was something that was [a specific goal] when we hired DDB (in 2009). . . . I wanted to make sure that we had an agency on the business that really looked at it as a global business. Because if we look at our other markets, they want to associate with global brands. They don’t want to associate with local brands. They want to be part of a bigger story. So, I wanted to make sure that our work was globally relevant but also very, very compelling for local consumers.

Are you concerned about losing connections with local markets that interpret the brands differently? 
No, because the brand means what the brand means. Our DNA should have the same representation whether we’re speaking to a consumer in Canada or Indonesia. What we do . . . is make sure we develop locally specific work.

By what criteria does Reebok pick the athletes in its ads? 
We pick athletes that represent our brand. Any marketer is going to tell you that. But if you look at Reebok 10 years ago and you have the NBA draft, we were just going after the No. 1 draft pick, no matter who it was. This time around we were very, very specific with it. We had a relationship with [the Washington Wizards’] John Wall. We knew that John Wall had a similar DNA to our brand’s—a guy that’s playful, plays very hard, takes his game seriously, but doesn’t take himself as seriously.

When you use athletes you run the risk of the dreaded scandal that in turn sullies your brand. How do you weigh the risk-reward of this approach? Is that always a consideration? 
Not really.

Why not? 
First of all the athletes that we have on board are pretty straightforward. If you look at an athlete like Peyton Manning or [Pittsburgh Penquins center] Sidney Crosby . . . those guys are really focused on their games.

Well, at one point, people thought Tiger Wood was pretty straightforward too. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah.   

It’s always a risk, but do you see it as a minimal risk with these guys? 
Yeah, I think it’s a minimal risk and I don’t think it’s a risk that we need to mitigate. We’re in a great place here.

Did you opt for regular people in the EasyTone ads because the target is different? 
It’s in keeping with how the target is different, but it’s also in keeping with the product [unique selling proposition]. If you look at the Zig, it’s more energy. It’s more energy for your game. It’s more energy for your training and it’s really a performance shoe [designed for] getting ready for sport or fitness. . . . EasyTone is an out-of-the-gym experience. So, you would use EasyTone in your day-to-day trips around the city and things like that to get more toning all day long. So, it’s just a different approach based on the product USP. 

TUBE-TECH SSA 2B High-End Summing Amp

TUBE-TECH SSA 2B Stereo Summing Amplifier features two very low noise / low distortion summing amplifiers with a very wide frequency response. The inputs are transformer balanced and the circuits are symmetrical from input to output. The inputs are capable of handling extremely high input levels. The Outputs are balanced and have fully floating transformers with a static screen. The power supply and the sidechain circuits are based on a solid-state circuit. With the exception of the output stage all DC voltages are stabilised.

SSA2B Summing principle:

All inputs are balanced by two zero field transformers (one for each channel).
What is zero field transformer?
In the zero field transformer configurations, the transformer is part of the feedback circuit.
There are several benefits for this:
1. The voltage across the transformer is reduced substantially whereby a much
smaller transformer is needed for the same specification.
The reduction is of the same magnitude as the feedback applied.
2. The distortion at low frequencies is reduced substantially.
2. Frequency response in both the low and high range is extended.
3. Phase response in both the low and high range, is also reduced.

SSA2B Features

  • 10 stereo - 1 stereo output
  • 2 first stereo inputs can be switched as 4 mono inputs
  • 23-step gold plated output gain control
  • Master Output Gain: -10 dB to +10 dB
  • Fully symmetrical circuitry from input to output
  • Zero field transformer balanced inputs.
  • Maximum input > +30 dBu
  • Low noise: < -85 dBu @ all inputs terminated
  • Two large VU meters showing output level
  • Frequency response 5 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Distortion < 0,05 %

T-Mobile: iPhone Isn’t Coming To Our Network Anytime Soon

The Daily Mail — I know! — has posted up an excellent bio on Jonny Ive, explaining how the soft-spoken muscle man from Chingford went from designing toilet bowls — I know! — to becoming the lead designer over at Apple, which they argue makes him the most valuable Englishman on Earth.
From a news perspective, the most interesting detail of the bio might be word from close friends of Ive who say that he has no intention of leaving Apple to go back to the UK, and is, in fact, looking to sell his Grade II mansion in Britain to concentrate on America more closely.
There’s so much more, though. For example, this fantastic description of how Ive met Jobs, which has got to be heartening to anyone who has toiled away in a thankless job, his talents unrecognized: you too might suddenly meet someone who will transform your life forever.

iPad 3 Is The One To “Make A Song & Dance About

We’ve received some tidbits of information about the iPad 2 launch tomorrow from an Apple staffer:
  • MobileMe is being revamped with cloud storage features.
  • The iPad 2 is a ho-hum update. It’s more of a speed bump than a redesign.
  • The iPad 3 is the one to get excited about, and it’s on track for release later this year.
The Apple staffer, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, said the new MobileMe service will store music, TV shows, and films that were purchased from the iTunes store. The staffer also said that there was talk inside Apple of being able to upload all your music and videos to the cloud whether it was purchased from iTunes or not. However, they couldn’t confirm whether this will be rolled out or not. Before Apple bought it, the LaLa music service allowed users to upload music to an online locker for streaming to any device. There has been a lot of speculation that Apple would roll LaLa’s service into iTunes to create a streaming music service.
The Apple staffer declined to give details about the iPad 2 or 3, but said:
“For the iPad 2 don’t get your hopes up too high. That’s all I’m going to say. They’ve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about.”
The iPad 2 is expected to thinner and lighter than the first iPad. It will have both front- and rear-facing cameras for FaceTime videoconferencing and for photos and video.
It will have a larger, beefier speaker but the screen is expected to be the same resolution as the first iPad — no super high-res screen for this update.
It will have a faster chip and more RAM, and it will likely have a Qualcomm dual-mode wireless chip for connecting to both GSM and CDMA data networks.