Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tech Tues: Tips on fixing drums.

I recently had a Twitter discussion about miking drum kits with @RobSommerfeldt, @CreateMusicPro, and @EvilPowerMaster. This gave me the incentive to do a post about live drums. It just so happens that James of Pro-tools-expert.com posted a tutorial showing how to fix live drums. I'm sure we've all had days where due to time constraints or using a not so great sounding kit we got less than stellar results. These tips also work well with programmed drums.

Another way to fix drums is to do sound replacement/augmentation with various software such as:

1. Slate Digital's Trigger,

2.WaveMachineLab's Drumagog

3. or SPL's DrumXchanger.

4. Avid's own SoundReplacer is Protools AudioSuite only.

I like to hear the sounds in context while I search for the right drum sample to replace or augment the original sound. There are other drum replacement plugins but these are the ones I'm most familiar with.

Here are some videos showing the drum replacement plugins I mentioned.

Slate Digital Trigger EX kick replacement tutorial:

WaveMachineLabs Drumagog tutorial:

SPL DrumXchanger Snare Replacement tutorial:

Sound Replacer tutorial: