Thursday, April 7, 2011

1073DPD Stereo Mic Preamp

"The 1073DPD combines two of our world-famous Class A Neve 1073 microphone preamplifiers with flexible 192kHz digital output capabilities, for modern recording environments – all in a single rackspace. This classic design is the consummate mic pre for capturing vocals and musical instruments, with the added convenience of direct output to hard disk recorders or computers, thanks to the high-quality Neve-designed analogue-to-digital converter."

Vertigo Sound's VSC-2 Quad Discrete Compressor

"The first product from Vertigo Sound is the VSC-2, a.k.a. Quad Discrete Compressor. It is so named because it uses 4 VCA’s built by hand using only discrete components. It’s design is a nod toward the best VCA based compressors of the 70s and 80s.
The Vertigo VCA is in fact named 1979. Some of the best features of these classic Compressors have been complimented in the VSC. This classic based sound is combined with a modern mastering grade signal path. Some unique and innovative features lie beneath the bonnet, such as the ratio which increases with level in ‘Soft’ mode."

          $5495 at Vintage King

Roland's OCTA-CAPTURE Interface

"Designed to capture audio at a level of quality that will satisfy even the most demanding professionals, OCTA-CAPTURE features VS Preamps on its eight analog inputs. Built with a Class A design for superb audio performance, these microphone preamps are based on those that have become a trusted part of Roland’s V-Mixer series of commercial digital consoles, as well as the V-STUDIO 700 high-end DAW system."
"With its eight mic preamps, OCTA-CAPTURE shows its mettle in multi-mic applications like recording drums or full bands. The input level specs for Channels 7 and 8 have been optimized for extremely dynamic sound sources with high peak levels such as kick drums; the extra headroom (up to +16dBu) available on these channels helps prevent clipping and other recording problems. OCTA-CAPTURE also features independent compressors on its eight analog inputs.."


  • OCTA-CAPTURE features a high-performance headphone output with refined circuitry, providing superb sound quality that will serve you well not only during recording, but also for making final sound choices in the mixing process. Additionally, the headphone amp provides an output level of +16 dBu, ensuring rock-solid monitoring even when recording in high dB situations.
  • Rugged metal body that’s lightweight and compact.
  • Included rack ears let you mount OCTA-CAPTURE in a studio rack.
  • One-in/one-out MIDI interface onboard.
  • Cakewalk’s acclaimed SONAR LE DAW program is included, along with high-quality software synths and a diverse range of plug-in effects.
  • Two OCTA-CAPTURE units can be used together to increase I/O capability.

Native Instruments - KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 interface

"KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 is a premium-quality 6-channel audio interface. It provides everything you need to record, play and perform music, with four analog ins/outs, digital in/out, MIDI and low-latency performance — all in a sleek, rugged metal casing. The two mic inputs are armed with high-end pre-amps while Cirrus Logic converters deliver pristine, transparent sound."
  • 4 analog inputs: 2 balanced mic/line/instrument (XLR); plus 2 balanced line (1/4" TRS)
  • 4 balanced analog outputs (1/4" TRS)
  • Digital stereo input and output (S/PDIF / RCA) for lossless signal transmission
  • MIDI in/out for master keyboard, MASCHINE or any third-party MIDI controller
  • Headphone output with independent level control and source switch
  • Completely USB powered, with an extra sturdy custom USB socket

ALVA - Nanoface

"Four analog inputs – two of them equipped with high-quality mic preamps with phantom power - allow the simultaneously recording of different sources at the same time, like a microphone, an electric guitar and a synthesizer. The Nanoface provides an Hi-Z instrument input - routable to any of the four analog inputs. Optimal for spontaneous jam sessions with a notebook or as mobile recording station without the need for more equipment – live or with band rehearsals."
Four analog outputs with excellent specification numbers and an extraordinary audiophile sound provide a flexible setup for monitoring two stereo signals at the same time, e. g. with main speakers and headphones. The signal from output 1/2 can be routed to output 3/4 and individually adjusted.
The digital I/O works in standard SPDIF format. This makes the Nanoface the perfect partner for a digital signal from a CD player, or an effect unit as a source for a surround receiver with digital optical input.
The Nanoface lives up to its name - it measures only a quarter of the size and provides more inputs and outputs than some bigger interfaces. In doing so it´s light as a feather. The elegant gloss black housing weighs less than a key in your pocket.
The Nanoface is the perfect solution for musicians or DJs, who need a complete recording studio not only at home, but also on the road and want to compose or mix music in quality they are accustomed to, or just want to listen in the best possible headphone quality. It only needs one USB 2.0/3.0 connection, to transfer all audio and midi data in and out of the computer. The Nanoface works completely with the power from the USB connector. It does not need a power supply.
The Nanoface is easy to operate. All features - including managment, monitoring, phantom power for the microphones - can be adjusted with the big multi controller directly on the unit.
This results in a simple learning curve and extraordinary usability - ideal for live situations.
Audio: 6 inputs + 6 outputs
MIDI: 1 x input + 2 x output
4 x analog I/O (channels 1-4)
Digital optical SPDIF I/O (channels 5-6)
2 x Mic preamps including phantom power (analog inputs 1/2)
1 x Hi-Z instrument input (alternatively usable instead of analog input 1-4)

The Nanoface will be available in June 2011.

Daking FET III Stereo Compressor

"The Daking FET III is new dual channel limiter from Geoff Daking, built in the US with the same audio path and detector circuits as our highly successful single channel Daking FET II limiter. The FET III compressor circuitry and gain stages are all discrete and fully Class "A" with sound quality that will be at the very top of the scale. "

Neve Portico II Stereo Buss Processor

"The new Portico II Stereo Buss Processor is far more than a standard stereo compressor & mastering limiter. Outfitted with the highest grade detented switches, high-voltage discrete signal paths, in addition to an all new stereo field editor design with band-filtered width and depth, the Portico II: SBP is an unprecedented creative tool that can add new dimension and dynamic control to virtually any source material."
     " It has two separate channel sections (A and B) each with the same controls, among which include attack, relaxation, ratio, threshold, as well as advanced texture controls, limiter, gain and blend. The third section is observed on the right side corresponds to an enhanced stereo field editor, offering dedicated controls for depth and breadth, each with dedicated filter options and various types of filters to choose from (HF, HM, LM, LF) . "

A-Designs Audio - JM-3001

"Equally ideal for both studio recording and live sound use, the JM-3001 from A-Designs Audio is a versatile preamplifier, equalizer and instrument input housed in a single-rack-space frame.
Hand-built in the US, the new A-Designs device features three inputs – microphone, instrument and EQ/insert – which may be used together or independently. The product is also equipped with a highly musical three-band parametric EQ and high/low filters, as well as two independent transformer balanced outputs (microphone and EQ)"
          RETAIL: $2,650.00 USD