Monday, April 15, 2013

SPL Crimson and Madison Interfaces

SPL debuted their Crimson USB Interface at last week's Musikmesse 2013. It is both a 24bit/192khz interface and monitor controller combined with high quality pre-amps. 

Check out the features:
  • 30 I/O channels (10 recording channels and 20 playback channels)
  • 10/20 I/Os via USB, S/P-DIF, Analog XLR, RCA, 1/4" and Mini Jacks
  • +/- 18V operational voltage for professional levels up to +24dB
  • Two boutique level, discrete Class A, +/-30V high-voltage mic-preamplifiers
  • Two Hi-Z instrument preamplifiers
  • Two separate headphones amps, individually controllable
  • Connect and control two stereo speaker sets
  • Monitor signal mix function for playback and recording paths
  • MIDI input and output via two DIN sockets
  • USB 2.0, S/P-DIF input and output
  • 24Bit/192kHz converter
  • Made in Germany

MSRP $725. Available June 2013

Also shown was their Madison MADI Interface. It provides 16 I/O to any MADI equipped computer or console. (MADI aka AES10 stands for Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) and has been used in the professional audio industry for many years.

Madison Features:
  • 16 AD and 16 DA converters in 1U
  • Superb sounding converters with a sophisticated analog section on 36 V audio rails
  • +24 dBu professional output level
  • Best price/performance value
  • Up to 64 I/Os on 1 MADI port (4 units)
  • Latency neutral MADI chaining
  • 44.1 to 192 kHz, ±10% vari-speed
  • SPL clock-shop for jitter-free operation
  • Ultra-compatible, always operational MADI IO with ultra low conversion latencies
  • Four directly selectable reference levels: 15/18/22/24
  • Simple operation and setup right from the front panel controls
  • Ergonomic, distance-readable meters for clear level status indication of any I/O channel
  • Fanless, absolutely silent low-power design (max. 30 W)
  • Redundant power supply optionally
  • Four analog, 8-channel multicore DB 25 sockets (TASCAM industry standard)
  • Made in Germany
MSRP $1899 Available July 2013.