Thursday, January 28, 2016

The IGS Multicore Compressor & The Springtime Reverb.

IGS Audio has released a 3 band VCA Compressor called the Multicore. The unit looks very solidly built with individual controls for each band and user selectable crossover points.

From the website:

"The core of device is based on a three band, adjustable active crossover. It splits audio signal into three bands (Low, Mid and High) with a gentle slope of 6dB/oct. That allows you to control the dynamics of each band in a very musical way without phase problems. Each of the bands has its own compressor module equipped with standard controls: Threshold, Ratio, Attack Release and Gain. A very useful feature is Mute/ON/Bypass switch on each band. The "Muted" option allows you to switch off the bands. If you mute two of them, you can hear only one band and monitor its audio content and bandwidth."

IGS did a video showing how to use Multiband Compression featuring the Multicore:


Input Impedance (balanced)      10k Ohm

Output Impedance (balanced)    50 Ohm

Audio transformers                     Carnhill VTB

Operating Level                          +4dBu

Max input level                           +28dBu

Max output level                         +28dBu

Dynamic Range                          104 dB(A)

Max Gain Reduction                   -20dB

Ratio                                           2:1, 4:1, 10:1

Attack:                                        0.1, 0.3, 1, 18, 30

Release:                                      0.1, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.6, Auto

Fequency response                     10Hz to 30kHz (+0.3dB/-0.3dB)

Signal to Noise Ratio                  90 dB(A)

THD+N                                       0.01 %

IMD (SMPTE)                            0.03 %

Crosstalk                                     88dB

Voltage                                       115V/230V (selectable)

Power consumption                   22 W

Shipping weight                        10kg

Price: 2890.00 €/$3162.09

                                         The Springtime Analog Studio Reverb

Another IGS unit that caught my eye is the Springtime Analog Studio Reverb. It is a 4 channel unit with Wet/Dry controls and a 3 band Eq on each channel.

From the website:

"The IGS Springtime is a 4-channel analog studio reverb built using pairs of springs. One short and one long pair. Every channel has separate wet and dry volume knobs. Also each channel has a 3 band EQ for the wet signal.IGS suggested using it as a stereo buss send for music tracks to channel 3 and 4 (long springs), mono vocal to channel 1 (short) plus any solo, mono instrument to channel 2 (short). Sometimes even individual instruments can be sent to both kinds of springs in parallel. If you plug it into the insert use 100% Dry and 10% Wet. On sends use 100% Wet, 0% Dry."

IGS Springtime video:


WET/DRY Mixer                       24-pole Elma Switches

Boost/Cut Range                      +/- 15dB

Hard wire bypass                      Yes

Input Impedance (balanced)     10k Ohm

Output Impedance (balanced)   50 Ohm

Operating Level                        +22dBU

Dynamic Range                         120dB
Headroom (@ +4dBu)               18dB

Fequency response                   20Hz-20kHz, +/-0.1dB

THD+N                                      0.001 @ 1kHz, +4dBU

VU Meters                                 Output Reverb Level

Voltage                                      90-240V AC, 10W

Shipping weight                        10kg / 20lb

Price: 2490.00 €/$2724.43

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