Friday, December 21, 2012

Access Gobbler directly in Protools 10.3.3

Avid released Protools 10.3.3 yesterday and it now features full Gobbler access.
You can now send/backup full sessions directly from the Protools file menu.

From Gobbler's website:
"Gobbler can back up and send any Pro Tools session and its media, but with Pro Tools 10.3.3, you can send mixes or entire Pro Tools sessions directly from the Pro Tools UI! In addition, the latest Mac version of Gobbler will read the Pro Tools session file so it can even back up and send audio files stored outside of the session folder."

You can also export bounces directly to Gobbler right from the bounce menu.


 Visit Gobbler's page for more details about using the Gobbler features in Protools 10.3.3.