Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sound Radix' SurferEQ - Pitch Tracking Equalizer

Sound Radix has released the SurferEQ, a new equalizer that automatically tracks the pitch of the signal and adjusts the eq frequencies accordingly. If this works as described it will make it much easier to do corrective and surgical enhancement of sounds. A standard equalizer can currently do this only by manually selecting the frequencies and automating the eq changes that's needed. I can see using this extensively on vocals.

From the website:

SurferEQ tracks the pitch of the instrument or a vocal track and can change the EQ frequency accordingly in real-time, making it possible for the first time to naturally control the fundamental frequencies or harmonics of a track. Just set any of the EQ bands to a desired harmonic and watch SurferEQ move with the track, staying always relevant to the music.
For over a year, we've meticulously developed an accurate, real-time pitch detection engine with virtually no octave errors. There's no need for endless parameters tweaking. It just works.
When developing our original analog-behaving asymmetric EQ algorithms (No cookbook EQ here!), we've made every effort to preserve the size and energy of the original recording. SurferEQ sounds natural even when it is pushed to its extremes. In addition to the HP, LP, shelf and bell shaped filters, we've developed a unique four mode harmonic filter. It takes on a whole new life when it moves with the pitch and makes it possible to achieve new sounds as never heard before.


  • Pitch-Tracking Equalizer
  • Original Assymetric EQ Algorithms
  • Innovative Harmonic Filter
  • 64 Bit Internal Processing
Here's an introductory video of the SurferEQ:

Introductory price is $129. Download a demo (RTAS/VST/AU) here.