Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WEISS A1 500 Series mic pre and de-esser

Switzerland based Weiss Digital Audio known worldwide for making some of the best high end digital audio equipment (first time I encountered Weiss was in a mastering session many years ago) has released the A1 Mic Pre. 
The A1 has all the standard controls but also includes a De-esser with variable frequency, bandwidth and threshold controls plus a listen switch which makes it that much easier to zone in on sibilance. There are also 8 dip switches located on the bottom of the unit which allow you to further adjust the response of the de-esser.

A1 Features:

- Microphone preamplifier gain rotary switch
- +48V phantom power switch
- 24 dB pad switch
- High-pass filter frequency and bypass switch
- De-esser frequency potentiometer
- De-esser bandwidth potentiometer
- De-esser threshold potentiometer
- De-esser bypass and listen switches
- Output level potentiometer (transformer balanced)
- Polarity switch
- "Listen" switch to simplify zooming in on offending sibilances  


Input gain range, pad off 
Pad attenuation
Output gain range

+15 dB to +60 dB, 3 dB steps
24 dB 

−∞ dB to +12 dB, continuous
Maximum input level, minimum input gain, pad on 
Maximum output level, 100 kΩ load
+29.7 dBu (for THD+N ≤ −80 dB) 
+27.0 dBu (for THD+N ≤ −80 dB)
Input impedance at 1 kHz, pad off 
Input impedance at 1 kHz, pad on 
Output impedance at 1 kHz
8.4 kΩ 
2.8 kΩ 
290 Ω
Current consumption ±16 V 
supply Current consumption ±48 V supply
≤ 150 mA
≤ 15 mA

Price: $1460 at Vintage King Audio