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Focusrite VRM: A Pocket-Sized Listening Environment

Focusrite has paired their VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) technology with a simple headphone interface, giving you multiple references for your mix and simulating high quality listening environments and speakers through your headphones.
VRM Box places Focusrite’s patent-pending Virtual Reference Monitoring technology in a palm-sized audio interface.
The VRM Box ($99) uses impulse responses of 10 professional studio monitors, combined with mathematical models of 3 room types to recreate an array of different listening scenarios on your headphones.
The room choices include Professional Studio, Living Room, and Bedroom Studio, and you can adjust the listening position in each room in and around the sweet spot.
The professional monitor selection includes Auratones, Genelecs, Yamaha NS-10s, KRKs and ADAMs, among other industry-standard models.
There are also VRM models of 5 consumer and hi-fi speakers, so you can hear what your mix sounds like on a flat-screen television, or computer desktop speakers.
Note that the VRM technology cannot make your iPod earbuds sound just like Genelec 1031’s – the better quality headphones you use, the more accurate the reproduction of the speaker model and room type will be.
The box itself connects through USB and features a large volume control, 1/4″ TRS headphone output, and an LED that indicates whether the signal processing is bypassed or not. While it has to be connected via USB to the computer for the VRM software to work, you can use the RCA S/PDIF input for audio if you are using the box in conjunction with another interface.
The VRM Box is also Pro Tools Native and HD friendly
The VRM Box operates at 24bit/48kHz through USB, but using the S/PDIF input allows support for sample rates up to 192kHz.
One of the main drawbacks to a portable laptop studio is the lack of a proper listening environment. Headphones are fine for making edits and working out ideas, but when it comes to mixing it can be hard trust what you’re hearing – especially if you are used to working on near-field speakers.
The VRM Box helps to bridge this gap by letting you work on headphones and still hear how the mix will translate through a variety of speakers and rooms, including setups you may be much more familiar with.

Ampex ATR 102 Analog For Sale $7500

The Ampex ATR-100 is a multitrack tape recorder, designed by Ampex Corporation, of Redwood City, California. It was originally released in 1978, and was geared towards the ultra high end studio market, and having been designed specifically as a stereo or quadrophonic (2 or 4 track) mixdown and mastering deck. It has gained a virtually unchallenged reputation in the recording industry and amongst engineers as the most accurate tape recorder ever to be produced.
Key features of the design are the machine's interchangeable headblock system, which allows the ATR-100 to be quickly converted to run either quarter-inch or half-inch magnetic tape. Also, Ampex was the first company to implement a servo-controlled, direct-drive-capstan tape transport, which allows the tape speed and tension to be continuously monitored by a servo relay. The transport consequently has excellent wow and flutter specifications. The ATR-100 also features dual VU meters, or four VU meters in the case of the four track models, and a digital tape timer. An optional remote control is also available.

GRM Tools Evolution

"Conceived and crafted by the GRM Group (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) of the famous National Audiovisual Institute of Paris (France), GRM Tools is the result of numerous years of research and development by renowned composers and sound designers around the world involved in sound transformation technologies.

GRM Tools Evolution is perhaps the most original and unexpected piece of audio software we've encountered in the past decade !

In short, it is a set of innovative sound transformation plug-ins that might just change the way sound designers, engineers, composers or musicians will process audio in the future...

Evolution allows powerful and unexpected spectral and harmonic audio transformations such as morphing, evolving textures, original VOCODER type effects, time shifted filters, sliding timbers, noising, etc. Evolution can also be used as very subtle audio treatment effects in delicate processing situations.

Evolution is available in RTAS, VST and Audio Unit formats and can also be used in Stand-Alone mode."

Visit the DON'T CRACK website for more info

Abbey Road re-open Studio Two

London's legendary Abbey Road Studios will be 80 years old this year, and even in these uncertain times for the music business, they continue to invest in new equipment to keep them at the top of the tree.Abbey Road's newly refurbished Studio Two
Abbey Road's newly refurbished Studio Two
On March 18th, a lavish party was held to mark the public debut of the refurbished Studio Two control room, where the previous Neve VRP Legend desk has given way to a new and extensively customised AMS Neve 88RS console. This features some of the most advanced mixing and routing features ever incorporated into an analogue desk, including no fewer than eight full-surround monitoring buses.
The control room itself has been enlarged, and now features a set of B&W 800D full-range speakers, as well as Endless Audio's CLASP system to allow Abbey Road's vintage tape machines to be easily integrated into digital recordings sessions. The structural work has also made space for additional rackmount equipment, including several of EMI's legendary TG-series processors

RIAA request for trillions in LimeWire copyright case is 'absurd'

The music industry’s contention that file-sharing software maker LimeWire owes it trillions of dollars in damages for enabling the illegal distribution of 11,000 copyrighted songs is “absurd,” a federal judge has ruled.
In a scathing ruling filed earlier this month, Judge Kimba Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York flatly rejected the industry’s claims that LimeWire should pay up to $150,000 for each download of some 11,000 songs included in the RIAA lawsuit.
The plaintiffs’ position on statutory damages “offends the canon that we should avoid endorsing statutory interpretations that would lead to absurd results,” Judge Wood wrote in a 14-page ruling. “If Plaintiffs were able to pursue a statutory damage theory based on the number of direct infringers per work, Defendants’ damages could reach into the trillions.”
Judge Wood last October had ordered LimeWire to cease its file-sharing operations after agreeing with the music industry’s claimsthat the company was enabling and inducing massive copyright infringement.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed a lawsuit on behalf of several music labels some four years ago, claiming that the music industry had lost millions of dollars because LimeWire’s P2P software allowed users to easily download and distribute copyrighted songs for free,
Since the RIAA’s victory last fall, the two sides have been wrangling over how much money LimeWire owes recording companies.
In her ruling this month, Judge Wood noted that this is the first time a court has been asked to consider the issue of whether a copyright holder can claim multiple awards for one copyrighted work.
The RIAA contends that LimeWire enabled potentially thousands and even millions of people to illegally download one or more of the 11,000 songs. As a result, the association said its members are entitled to statutory damages for every single illegal download.
An award based on the RIAA calculations would amount to “more money than the entire music industry has made since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877,” Woodsaid in her ruling. The ‘absurdity’ of such a result requires the court to reject the music industry’s argument, she added.
The judge pointedly noted that even the RIAA had not used such an argument until last September — or more than three years after it had first filed the lawsuit. The court will permit the RIAA to seek one statutory award for each infringed song, Wood said.
Ray Beckerman, a New York lawyer who has represented individuals in RIAA music piracy lawsuits, said Judge Wood’s decision is not surprising considering what he called the RIAA’s “ridiculous argument.”
“The RIAA’s argument was totally absurd, and contrary to the statute,” Beckerman said. “Even the RIAA had never made that argument until late in the case. If I were Judge Wood, I would have ordered them to show cause why they should not have been sanctioned for making [such] a frivolous argument.”
Jennifer Pariser, senior vice president of litigation and legal affairs at the RIAA, said via email that the industry “respectfully” disagrees with Judge Wood’s decision.
“We are confident there are more than plenty of works in this case that will constitute significant damages,” Pariser said. “Even the recent P2P report from NPD strongly reinforces the massive damages caused by LimeWire as the largest illegal P2P service. Its shuttering was a major step forward for artists and music creators who work tirelessly to bring us the world’s greatest music.”
Pariser was referring to a report from market research group NPD showing that music sharing via P2P tools has declined precipitously since LimeWire was shuttered. The NPD report was released this week.
Judge Wood’s ruling though is likely to be of little comfort to LimeWire, which still faces statutory fines of up to $150,000 per violation. Even the court has said the total could exceed $1 billion.
The company’s ability to pay such is another question, experts note.
LimeWire is not the first maker of peer-to-peer file sharing software to be held liable for contributing to copyright infringement.
In 2005, P2P software vendor Grokster was forced out of business after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that held the company liable for copyright infringements committed by users of its software.

LinPlug - 1 Machine, 1500 Audio Loops, 2600 MIDI Grooves, 10,000 Sounds

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Rapper Trina To Be Honored With International Friend Of Reggae Award In Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica: Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards Founder and Chairman Richard 'Richie B' Burgess announced recently that the 2011 'International Friend of Reggae Honoree' will be popular American Rapper TRINA. This year’s seventh annual EME Awards is set to take place on March 12, 2011 at The East Lawn of the historical Devon House site, Hope Road, Kingston.

TRINA, a successful recording artist, songwriter, model and businesswoman announced herself to the music world in 1998 with the single "Nann Nigga" on Trick Daddy's album, and she has continued to push the envelope of Rap and Hip Hop. Her debut album went gold, and her second album 'Diamond Princess,' solidified her reputation as a new queen of hard-core rap. On her latest album 'Amazin,' she collaborated with Dancehall Queen Lady Saw and hip hop queen Nicki Minaj on the song titled 'Dang A Lang.'

Previous International Friend of Reggae Honorees were John Legend, Missy Elliott, Estelle, Jazmin Sullivan, Akon and multiple Grammy award-winning artiste India.Arie who was in attendance last year and gave a most memorable performance.

The 2011 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards will also recognize the top performers within the Jamaican Recording Industry.

“Some of the icons of our rich musical heritage as well as the hottest newcomers around will receive the recognition they so rightfully deserve, for providing us with wonderful musical gems throughout their careers”, Burgess noted.

There are approximately 30 award categories including DJ of the Year, Best New Artiste, Song of the Year, Vocalist of the year and Producer of the year among others. Winners will be determined based on their performance on The Weekly Jamaica Music Countdown (Charts), votes via texts and votes at the website

This year’s event will include Road Shows, a Pre-Party, the Awards Ceremony and an After Party. North America's BET Networks was among the international media that covered the spectacular event last year.

Gaga & Bieber Together At Last: “Songs for Japan” Charity Album Hits iTunes

To help raise money for disaster relief efforts in Japan, Universal Music Group has assembled a who’s who of the music world for a benefit album called Songs for Japan, which hit iTunes Friday. It includes an exclusive remix of Lady Gaga’s latest chart-topping single, “Born This Way.”
The 38-track album [iTunes link] costs $9.99 and features popular tunes in original, remastered, live or acoustic formats from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Katy Perry and other superstars (see full list below).
Worldwide proceeds from album downloads will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to provide immediate assistance to people affected by the March 11 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The participating artists, their labels and music publishers waived their royalties, meaning every cent from each album download helps survivors.
This global initiative — one of the many new ways people can help Japan — is akin to the star-studded fundraising efforts following the destructive 2010 earthquake in Haiti when celebrities joined forces for atelethon and a new “We Are The World” charity single.
What do you think of the Songs for Japan lineup? Let us know in the comments.

Music talent not required

For years, I've had this recurring dream: I walk into a room to find a guitar, which I pick up and play with Eric Clapton-like prowess. I am always surprised at my newfound skill.
I can only intermittently carry a tune and have no musical talent whatsoever. But a new program makes it so easy to play, record and even compose music that it almost feels as if my dream has become reality.
What makes this program even more remarkable is that, despite its power, it runs on a nontraditional mobile platform.
It's GarageBand for iPad, and if you've got an original iPad or the new iPad 2, you'll want to grab this and install it posthaste.
If you use a Macintosh, chances are you've seen GarageBand, because it has been included on all of Apple's traditional computers since the mid-2000s. The Mac OS X version is powerful, but it's also daunting for non-musicians. Yeah, it's got some cute-and-friendly features, but for the most part it's designed for people who want to make music and know how to do it.
The iPad version, however, is a very different beast. While there are plenty of features aimed at those with musical talent, it's really a product for those of us who can barely hum on key. Even if you can't play a note, GarageBand for iPad will have you playing and even composing music soon after you first fire it up. It's an astonishing piece of software, easily the best application I've seen so far this year.

Renegade Labs Introduces Mx Metering System

Renegade Labs in Grass Valley, Calif., introduces its Mx Metering System, a high-resolution multichannel add-on for the firm's series of digital edit suite audio mixers. The unit is fully customizable with VU, PPM or K meter ballistics and a wide range of industry-standard meter scales. The Mx Metering System can be panel-mounted to an existing 328 Series or M16 mixer, or rackmounted in a separate two-rackspace panel.
photo of Renegade Labs Mx Meter panel
Renegade Labs Mx Meter panel
"Surround metering is straightforward using the built-in surround views available with a single push of a button," says Kirk Bradford, Renegade Labs co-founder and president. "Level bars may be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Standard features include peak indication, over indication, phase warning, phase monitoring and DC warning."
Different meter "skins" allow for a variety of metering colors; custom configurations can be saved in user registers.

All meter scales use accurate true RMS ballistics, rather than simplified peak or average values. Built-in scales include VU, PPM, Full Scale, BBC, Nordic, EBU and the Katz K scales. An out-of-phase warning indicator can be enabled for any stereo pair. Over-indicators light when the audio level on a channel reaches clipping or a selectable level, and DC Warning indications notify when a high DC level is encountered. Peak Level Bar indicators show the actual peak audio sample values for each channel.
Renegade Labs states that the Mx Metering System is capable of either horizontal or vertical display. A 3-D Surround field monitor can also be enabled with meters in horizontal or vertical modes. The system is easily configurable, with optical encoders along with soft-buttons.
Renegade Labs will exhibit the Mx Metering System at the NAB Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 11-14, in booth C3741.
Visit Renegade Labs at

Future Loops Releases Klub Pop

Future Loops has just released Klub Pop, a collection of 15 urban flavored pop construction kits.

Klub Pop draws inspiration from the current crossover of styles that are smashing the charts and comes packed with the new generation elements found in pop, RnB and urban productions.

Tempos range from 110 BPM to 130 BPM keeping the mood dance-floor driven and inside each kit there's a full mixed version but also individual loop elements and one shots used to build the tracks: Drums, Kicks, Claps, Bass, Synths, Hats, FX, Strings and more. 

Inspired by artists and producers like Timbaland, Dark Child, Usher, Lady Gaga or Beyonce, Klub Pop features over 2 GB and is oriented towards the sound of clubs, dancefloors and radios. 

Check out more info and demos at our website:


The New York Digital Short Film Festival Grand Event at the DGA, NYC


28th Mar 2011 from 06:00 to 09:30


The Directors Guild of America, NYC
110 West 57th Street
New York City, New York (United States) 
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The Directors Guild of America and, Diane Batson-Smith/Marcus Lovingood


$10.00 General Admission $60.00 General Admission/Press/VIP After Party @ Parker Meridian (For More info on this package, please email us at



You are Cordially Invited to The New York Digital Short Film Festival Grand Event at the Prestigious Directors Guild of America Theater in New York City ! This is an industry-changing event focusing on Innovation in Filmmaking using State of the Art Digital Video Technologies. This digital film festival is for the filmmaker who exhibits excellence in Directing, Writing and Cinematography with an emphasis on stretching the limits of today's standards in film.

Hosted by Academy Award and Emmy Nominated Producer Diane Batson-Smith and Producer Marcus Lovingood!

Films Starring 'Inception' Star TOM HARDY in a Brave Full Frontal Performance in Greg WIlliam's 'Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother', ADAM ARKIN and JESSE SPENCER from 'House' and CARLA GUGINO from 'Watchmen' are among other stars who will grace the silver screen at the DGA!

Doors and Press Meet and Greet open at 5:45PM
Grand Event Starts Promptly at 6:15PM

Interested in attending the VIP After Party at The Parker Meridian Penthouse Event Room after the Event? Email us at for more information!

To Purchase Tickets, Visit

The Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

ProducerLoops released 'Yeah Urban Bangers Vol 1'

'Yeah Urban Bangers Vol 1'
'Yeah Urban Bangers Vol 1' brings you some of the best Urban Pop, Hip Hop, and RnB-style Construction Kits around. These banging Urban hits are inspired by some of the most successful and influential musicians in the world and give you high quality sound material to re-arrange, edit, slice, chop, and cover for you next Urban banger.

This collection features 5 radio-ready Construction Kits including 100 loops, melodies, incredible music ideas, fat drums and more. Urbanistic’s ‘Yeah! Urban Bangers Vol 1’ is available in multi-format with 16-Bit & 24-Bit files and compatibility with all modern software and hardware samplers.

Product Contents:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 1 GB sound material
• 100 HQ loops

Available Formats:

• Reason ReFill

This product is exclusively available at : Urbanistic |

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics On His Background

NI Razor Tutorial

Tehmeena Afzal SEXY "New York Mets" Tribute video

I guess this is supposed to be some sort of promotional video for the New York Mets’ upcoming season, and if that is the case, they’ve got my attention!
It can be tough competing in the same market as the New York Yankees, but it appears as though the Mets have added a secret weapon to their arsenal.  Her name is Tehmeena Afzal, and she appears to have quite an impressive arsenal of her own.  While those enormous breasts may inhibit her swinging ability, she does seem to be awfully comfortable with a bat in her hands.
Needless to say, a Mets prospect has never looked so good.

Tehmeena / Ms. Meena SEXY "New York Mets" Tribute video from TEHMEENA AFZAL on Vimeo.

iPOD Music Powered Dildo

Cripes! Are you kidding me?
OhMiBod Music Powered Vibrator – OMB 411 — Did I say cheap thrills? $70 is almost as much as an iPOD. That said, I think someone has finally got the right idea for the iPOD market. Forget skins and leather pouches. This must have been around for awhile since it explains all the jumping around on those commericials. When you see someone with an iPOD give them a big knowing smile — and wink.

Nashville Custom Cases

Email questions or price quote requests
1108 Harpeth Industrial Court
Franklin, TN 37064
Nashville Custom Case - 30 Years of service to touring musicians and corporations on the move. Since 1977, Nashville Custom Case, Inc. has served local, national and international clientele with the finest in delicate equipment cases. From musical instruments and studio equipment to touring merchandise and pharmaceutical wares, Nashville Custom Case specializes in providing the ultimate solution to protecting your most precious cargo. Owners Mark and Leslie Morell hand craft each case with precision and loving care for your valuables using the very latest technological equipment and the strongest materials available today.
Nashville Custom Case offers more than simple flight cases. We offer personal and professional service, and nearly three-decades of experience with clients from Sting to Sony and more.

The Next Generation Traktor

With TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, the entire TRAKTOR family has been completely re-engineered for maximum power and simplicity. No matter which TRAKTOR solution you choose, you’ll get a DJ system guaranteed to be:
  • Intuitive: Visualize your tracks with new TruWave colored waveforms. Let TRAKTOR automatically detect and configure your audio interface and controllers.
  • Creative: Remix on the fly with powerful looping and cueing features expanded by the new Sample Decks. Tap into stunning FX, guaranteed to inspire.
  • Addictive: The enhanced TRAKTOR workflow means you’ll get performance DJ software that adapts around you, delivering a new level of ease-of-use combined with the most powerful creative features.

TRAKTOR Software

The industry-leading DJ software now comes with TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, offering a new level in performance and usability.
  • New: High-res colored TruWave waveforms differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares so you can mix your tracks visually.
  • New: redesigned, easy on the eye GUI and layouts, including Essential View for simple external mixer control.
  • New: Capture and layer loops via the Sample Decks, build your own loop libraries and flavor your mix with heavyweight effects.
TRAKTOR PRO 2 (4 decks)...
TRAKTOR DUO 2 (2 decks)...


Digital vinyl systems from NI ensure intuitive ease-of-use and ultra-tight control via turntables & CD decks, now with even more creative options.
  • New: TRAKTOR 2 generation software with Sample Decks, SoftSync and unparalleled effects, ideal for creating unique sets.
  • New: TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 & 10 interfaces with expanded connectivity and increased performance.
  • New: Hardware Direct Thru mode for simple DJ switchovers and Auto Detection plug & play simplicity.
TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 (4 decks)...
TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 (2 decks)...


The TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 system and the X1 add-on controller provide full hands-on control, total plug & play usability and perfect software-hardware integration. 
  • New: Now bundled with new TRAKTOR 2 software for enhanced power and simplicity.
  • Fluid hardware and software integration based on a protocol 30 times more detailed than MIDI ensures amazing tactility and visual feedback.
  • Robust and travel-ready hardware built with the highest-quality components, designed to excel in the toughest club environments.


TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces are designed for pro DJs, offering additional outputs (e.g, for Sample Decks), pristine, ultra-loud sound and advanced features for mixing with TRAKTOR. 
  • New: Audio chips and new drivers guarantee even better sound quality and lower latency.
  • New: Direct Thru mode means TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces work without a computer, making DJ switchovers a breeze.
  • New: Up to 10 channels – hook up your TRAKTOR effects as a send/return effects unit or route Sample Decks to separate channels.