Monday, April 21, 2014

The ZÄHL - EQ1

The ZÄHL - EQ1 Stereo Equalizer from the AM1 Analog Console designed by Michael Zahl and Mark Enestus is now available in a 500 series format.

The original Custom built 56-channel inline console in Conny Plank's Studio:

I like the look/layout of this dual slot unit. The global 5/15db gain switch for the eq gain is a great feature. The individual bypass switches for each band makes for easy A/B comparisons and there's selectable I/O gain. Also note the frequency switches on the hi-mid and lo-mid bands.

ZÄHL EQ1 Features:

  • stereo design for mixing & mastering as well as voices & instruments
  • highly musical design
  • intuitive, user-friendly, self-explaining layout
  • lowest noise and distortion signal paths built with highest quality components
  • audio switching on EQ gain potentiometer, zero position for bypassing unused stages
  • no microprocessor, no clock pulses, sequential logic only
  • individual power stabilization on each module, no switched power circuitry
  • fully compatible with API 500 module series specs, occupying two slots
Here's a video of Michael Zahl with the EQ1(in German) at Musikmesse 2014 and a 2nd one of the AM1 console on which it is based:

The ZÄHL - EQ1 Stereo Equalizer is available for 1250 EUR/1727.25 USD from adebar acoustics.