Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roger Linn Design / Dave Smith Instruments - Tempest Analog Drum Machine

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Maag Audio Debuts 500-Series Preamp with Air Band EQ

The first product from Maag Audio is the PREQ4 ($995 MSRP), a single-channel microphone preamp with Air Band 2.5 kHz to 40 kHz top-end shelving boost in the popular API 500-Series Lunchbox module format. Maag Audio LLC is no newcomer to pro audio; its founder is Cliff Maag, the former president of R&D for Nightpro and the inventor of the acclaimed NTI EQ3 and the Nightpro PreQ3, and EQ3D Air Band equalizers and mic preamplifiers.
One of the newest members of the VPR Alliance, the PREQ4 offers 65dB adjustable gain, phase reverse capability, a 70Hz highpass filter, +48-volt phantom power and a -20dB pad. The PREQ4 follows the design of its PreQ3 predecessor as much as possible, using high-end components throughout, for an extended frequency response of 10 Hz to 75 kHz (-3dB) and ultra-clean EIN noise performance of -124 dBu, while THD+N is barely measureable at 0.0009 percent. The unit’s unique Air Band control provides shelf peaks set at 2.5/5/10/20/40 kHz with variable Air Gain boost of up to +12 dB, yielding a full, transparent top-end presence while maintaining the microphone’s true natural sound.
The PREQ4 is shipping now and is available from Vintage King Audio.

For more information, or to compare downloadable tracks recorded with/without Air Band processing, visit

Waves Ships Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter Plug-In

Waves Audio, a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, in association with Aphex, is now shipping the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, its modeled plug-in version of the original Aphex Aural Exciter. The new plug-in is based on one of the two original tube-powered prototype units developed by Aphex during the mid-'70s. The Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter will be available separately ($250 Native, $500 TDM MSRP) and as part of the Waves Mercury bundle.

The original Aural Exciter was highly regarded for its ability to increase and enhance presence, brightness and detail on vocal tracks and masters alike, appearing on albums by Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.
“The original Aphex model 402 is a part of recording history, with a sound that’s uniquely its own,” says Aphex CEO David Wiener. “I can’t think of better hands to entrust emulating that sound to than to the people at Waves. They’ve been wonderful to work with, and we’re looking forward to more projects in the future.”
“We’re pleased to add the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter to our line of modeled plug-ins based on vintage hardware,” says Mick Olesh, executive VP of Waves sales and marketing. “The original Aphex Aural Exciter made a huge impact on the recording industry, and we’re confident the new plug-in version will be met with the same enthusiasm by our users.”

Songwriters - Anyone can write music now - iPad Garage Band

ATC SCM25A Compact 3-Way Monitor

The three-way SCM25A($8,500) monitors from ATCfeature ATC’s 3-inch soft-dome midrange, a 1-inch soft-dome HF unit and a custom, 7-inch carbon-paper cone woofer with high-excursion capability. Onboard amplification is via ATC’s Class-A/B MOSFET output stage, delivering 150W to the woofer, 60W to the mid and 25W to the HF driver. All three stages are fed by fourth-order, critically damped, phase-compensation crossover filters. The unit’s ported enclosure measures 10.4x16.9x16 inches, and can be rackmounted for broadcast/remote applications.

Let's Pray For Japan


Designed for insertion as a last-stage stereo bus limiter for mixing or mastering, the bx_XL processor from Brainworx is designed to get your mixes as loud as possible without distorted or over-squashed effects. It operates by converting stereo signals into M (mid/sum) and S (side/difference) signals, and splits the M channel into high and low bands for independent processing of each, such as separating the kick drum and limiting it differently from other center-panned instruments. Automated presets; 32 steps of undo/redo; detailed level meters; and multiple solo, auto-solo and link features let users make precise, repeatable adjustments. Direct pricing is approximately $400, and bx_XL supports RTAS, AS, VST and AU on Mac and PC hosts.


Following the release of Auto-Tune 7 Native versions, Auto-Tune 7 TDM ($649) brings the latest incarnation of the world’s largest-selling audio plug-in to Avid’s Pro Tools HD platform V. 7.2 or later. The software includes second generation of Antares’ Evo™ Voice Processing Technology, a new, from-the-ground-up time-manipulation system; new MIDI capabilities in Graphical mode; and more. As a bonus, Auto-Tune 7 TDM also includes a license for all of the Auto-Tune 7 Native versions. Supported formats include Mac OS X (10.5.x and above) and PC (Windows 7, Vista and XP).


The RS124 Compressor from Abbey Road Plug-Ins models the famed tube compressors that were introduced in 1960 and in constant use at the studios throughout that decade. The plug-in models three different units (each having its own character), which allows users to make quick A/B/C comparisons and select the one that suits any particular need—or all three can be used and routed to individual L/C/R-panned tracks. Another plus is a SuperFuse mode that provides more aggressive compression. It’s offered in TDM ($580) for Pro Tools 7.x or higher and in Native LE/AU/VST ($335) versions for Mac or PC.