Thursday, October 22, 2015



The MS76 is one of 4 hand built units offered by the Denmark based manufacturer MUNSON & FLETCHER. The name suggests it's based on the beloved 1176 but with a different twist.

In addition to the usual compression parameters (ratio, attack, release etc.)  the MS76 operates in Stereo, Dual Mono and M/S mode. It also offers the notorious "ALL BUTTONS IN" setting via a switch and a BLEND knob that allows you mix the uncompressed and compressed signal to your liking. Last but not least there is also a High Pass Filter on the side chain detector (very helpful for eliminating pumping caused by the low end).

These added features are a definite plus and will surely be put to good use by many mixing and mastering engineers.

There is also a Lundahl LL5402 output transformer upgrade option.

Since the MS76 is hand built to order the delivery time is currently 3 to 5 weeks.

From the website:

This is a dual FET compressor with an M/S link. The circuit was inspired by a well known classic, but it is not a replica.

Most of the controls should be self explanatory, but if you have any questions, use the contact form at the bottom of the website. The controls we feel need special mention are…

Set the mode switch to dual mono, and you have two compressors working independently, or as a non-linked stereo pair. (L/R)
Set the mode switch to M/S, and the unit will encode and route the center information (mid) of your stereo input to one channel (M), and the panned information (side) to the other (S). The signals are decoded back to stereo after processing, so your final output is split to L/R.

The Blend knob is a mix knob that lets you dial in a blend between compressed and uncompressed content.

High Pass Side Chain
The HP SC filters out the low end of the signal going to the compression, detection circuit (the side chain). It does not affect the signal path directly, but it makes sure the compression does not react to low end material, so bass heavy material can breathe a bit more.

“All Buttons In”
The ALL switch mimics the infamous “all buttons” setting, and was added by popular demand.
€1290 ($1440.54USD) + VAT and shipping 
€150 ($167.50USD)+ VAT for the Lundahl LL5402 output transformer upgrade.