Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Roots - Tree Audio's 8 Channel/2 Buss Tube Hybrid Console

I like the retro look of Tree Audio's-The Roots console and hope I can demo it soon. It received rave reviews at the recent AES Convention. I can see using it to record live instruments such as drums, bass, guitars and even synths. I'm also curious to see how well the built-in Mic Pres handle vocal recordings.
I wonder how well it would handle summing for my DAW? If it sounds anything like how it looks I don't think I will be disappointed. Plus it has 4 available slots for 500 series modules built right into the Master section.

 Take a look at the pic of a single channel module below:

Note the built in Limiter with selectable 250hz HPF filter and the channel's meter can be set to read input level, output or gain reduction. (Hmmm... I wonder how drums would sound with the limiter pot turned to say....3 o'clock?). Some may be put off by the non-variable equalizer frequencies and level controls but if you've ever used a Neve 1073 or Pultec EQP-1A you know that units with fixed frequency points can actually be quite musical in nature and are usually more appropriate for broad strokes than sonic surgery.

Take a look at the back panel:


Notice the multitude of connectors available including those for your 500 series modules(upper left). There are also connectors for 2 pairs of speakers and 2 stereo Aux returns that go straight to the stereo buss. 

Here's a list of "The Roots" features:

  • All tube EQ and limiter on each channel
  • 4 slots for 500 Series modules
  • Vacuum tube regulated supply for all tube input modules
  • Meter
  • Meter select (input, gain reduction, output)
  • Pan
  • Stereo buss switch (removes signal from stereo buss for direct out)
  • Aux send 1
  • Aux send 2
  • Pre, off, post switch
  • Lo Freq EQ - 50 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz ,400 Hz
  • Hi Freq EQ - 7K, 10K, 12K, 16K
  • Gain reduction pot (limiter)
  • Limiter switch (out, in , HPF) 250 HZ 12DB per octave
  • Line, mic, mic reverse phase
  • Pad switch (off, -10, -20)
  • Mute, on , solo
  • Big knob level pot
  • Buss Master 1 & 2
  • Aux master 1 & 2
  • Talkback mic XLR
  • Talkback level
  • External Aux in 1 (mute, on, solo)
  • External Aux in 2 (mute, on, solo)
  • Monitor
  • Source Select
  • Speaker Select
  • Big knob monitor level
  • Mic in, line in, direct out
  • Phantom power switch (all modules and talkback mic)
  • Master section ins and outs
  • Control room monitor outputs
  • If used as a direct out with no bussing, all pure transformers and tubes
  • When use thru the bussing, Inward Connections SP690 alldiscrete blocks
The Roots console is available in 8 or 16 Channel configurations.

For more info and any questions on pricing and availability visit Tree Audio's website.