Monday, August 26, 2013

The Wizards of OZ - HandCrafted Labs

The OZ Passive Equalizer from HandCrafted Labs should be available any day now and I think will become popular with mixing and mastering engineers alike.
It is based on the Pultec design but has added features such as extended frequency bands and stepped controls which makes for quick and easy recalls. It can also be ordered with dual output transformers and is equipped with an outboard power supply to reduce noise and hum. Note also the the ground lift switch on each output and separate split output connectors on the rear panel.

  • - all stepped controls
  • - pure tube singal path with tiodes, A class
  • - big octal outstanding soviet military tubes
  • - powerful customwound input/output transformers
  • - excellent Cinemag inductors
  • - point-to-point internal wiring on metal chassis, with no PCB in signal path
  • - outboard PSU, to supress all noises and hums
  • - dual transformer balanced outputs on demand


Input/Output level,balanced+23dBu
Gainup to 15dB
Noise Floor>87dB
Input  Impendance
Output Impendance
can drive load=0,5ะบ
Frequency response,(+/-1,0dB)30Hz-20Khz
THD %< 0,23%@+23dBu
230/120V,50-60Hz, 60WA

Price TBA. For all inquiries/purchase requests etc. go here