Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tech Tues: The Big Plate Reverb Trick

   Paul Drew from Studio One Expert posted this video featuring one of my favorite reverbs the UAD EMT 140 Plate. It shows how a huge Plate reverb sound can fit in a mix by using filters and or Eq. This is a technique I've used often, even when I'm mixing with an SSL analog console. I would use the SSL's channel Low and High pass filters, Equalizer and compressor to tailor the reverb sound to suit the song.

   It's a great way to create space in a song without having your mix swimming in reverb and/or getting muddy.

 Visit Studio One Expert for more tips, techniques, plus deals and info on Presonus' Studio One. I think it's a great DAW with outstanding features and sound. I did some mixes in Studio One recently and was very happy with the results.