Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tech Tues: How to add an Input Impedance Control to any Mic Preamp.

DIY Recording Equipment has an economical kit that allows you to easily add variable impedance to any preamp. The Z-Input Preamp Impedance Kit as its officially known "gives you control over the input impedance of every mic preamp in your collection. As many engineers have come to know, the input impedance of a preamp is one of the greatest factors in how the preamp interacts with dynamic microphones, and thus how the preamp sounds. By means of a single potentiometer, this exceedingly simple box allows you to dial in the sweet spot for each particular microphone, preamp, and source combination." 

At $29.95 this DIY kit is an cheap and easy way to experiment with your current Mic chain
and develop new sonic colors/textures for your recordings.

The full kit includes:

  • Diecast aluminum chassis, machined by hand at DIYRE HQ, Philadelphia, PA
  • Amphenol XLR Jacks
  • 1k Linear Potentiometer
  • Hookup wire, nuts and bolts, everything you need to complete the kit
  • Estimated build time: 15-30 minutes

Here's an in-depth video of the Z-Input Preamp Impedance Kit by Peterson Goodwyn. It features John Born of Shure at 5:18 and the actual build instructions at 9:08.