Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slate Digital's_TRIGGER Upgrade Special_only $50 till 8/8/11

Slate Digital's Trigger is an excellent drum replacement tool. The upgrade to the Platinum version is currently on sale at their online store for $50. To get the upgrade you must already own the EX version which sells for $129. The usual price for the Platinum is $299. So if you take advantage of the sale you will get the Trigger Platinum for $179 (a savings of $120). Sale ends on Monday Aug. 8th.

TRIGGER Ex to Platinum Upgrade Pack Only $49

Train, Taylor Swift, Shinedown, Reba McEntire, Black Eyed Peas, Megadeth, and Avenged Sevenfold are just some of the bands that have had their drums pushed to the max with the help of Steven Slate's Platinum drum sample pack.  Now, until Monday August 8th, you can upgrade TRIGGER EX to PLATINUM to get the remainder of Slate's monstrous sounding samples, including all of his famous models such as the Steely Dan, Chili Peppers, and Metallica kits!
To purchase, go here:


In order to use the TRIGGER EX to PLATINUM Expansion Pack, you MUST HAVE TRIGGER EX already installed.  If you don't own TRIGGER EX, you can purchase it at our store first and then buy the upgrade special.

Check out Slate Digital's Youtube clip and see how versatile and easy it is to use Trigger:

Dangerous Music D-Box Summing and Monitoring System

Dangerous music has a knack for making great products to integrate the analog world with your DAW. The Dangerous Music D-Box is perfect for the modern workflow and compact environment of the Mobile and Small-Footprint DAW Studio Setup.

"More and more records are being tracked and mixed in remote or temporary locations with mobile DAW rigs. Control room setups can be tight. A reliable and flexible audio environment is a must. No need to sacrifice mix quality or struggle with monitor control! For integrated monitoring, mixing, and input selection for the computer musician on the go, the Dangerous D-Box is the uncompromising and affordable solution for all DAW-based musicians and engineers who need to trust what they hear."

8 input dedicated fixed-gain analog summing buss
Master output trim with 10 dB range
Inputs 7-8 with pan control
Signal present indicators for all inputs

Analog and digital capable input selector designed specifically to facilitate the analog summing workflow
Programmable exclusive/additive function- listen to selected inputs individually or combined
High-quality onboard D/A conversion 2 digital inputs - AES or PDIF 32kHZ - 100kHz sample rate
Auxiliary stereo analog input- +4 dBU or - 10 dBV programmable
2 sets of speaker outputs
Mono function

Built-in talkback microphone with "momentoggle" switching
2 headphone outputs with independent level controls
Auxiliary talkback switch input

• Analog Summing
• Monitor Control
• On-board D/A conversion
• Talkback
• Headphone Cue
• Simultaneous Input Monitoring
• Unmatched Analog Summing Section
• Superb Onboard D/A Converter
• 2 Speaker Outputs
• Affordable for most DAW studio owners

Here's two examples of D-box setups to give you an idea of how best to integrate it into your own rig:


Summing Section:
Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz within 0.1dB 
THD+N: < 0.003% 
IMD: < 0.004% 
Crosstalk: < -97dB 
Noise: < -89dBu total energy in audio band 
Maximum Input: +27dBu 

Monitor Section:
Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz within 0.1dB 
THD+N: < 0.003% 
IMD: < 0.0035% 
Crosstalk: < -100dB 
Noise: < -91dBu total energy in audio band 
Maximum Input: +26dBu 

D/A Converter:
Locks to standard AES or SPDIF signals 32kHz-100kHz 
Crosstalk: < -101dB 
Noise:< -92dBu 
THD+N: 0.005% 

Nominal operating level: +4 dBu 

Input impedance: 
25 kohms balanced

Output impedance: 
50 ohms balanced

Power consumption: 25 Watt

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, subject to inspection. Does not include damage incurred through abusive operation or modifications/attempted repair by unauthorized technicians.