Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Western Dynamo 500 Series 19-09 Opto Comp

Western Dynamo is a company with a design approach based on years of experience in the audio industry as Engineers, Studio Techs and consultants. Their first product is the 500 Series 19-09 Optical Compressor.

"The 500 Series 19-09 Optical Compressor is like nothing you've ever heard.... it's been designed from the ground up to deliver a unique sonic signature and incredible mid-range detail and control...... The 19-09's Compress control allows the engineer to easily dial in gain reduction from 2 to 30 decibels, with automatic ratio detection ranging from 0.5:1 to 30:1 (ALL IN)."

  • Class-A, Fully Discrete Audio Path
  • True Hardware Bypass
  • Floating Transformer Balanced I/O
  • Twin Push-Pull Optos for Automatic Ratio Control & up to 30db of Gain Reduction
  • Butterworth High Pass Sidechain Filter
  • Strobing GR Meter for Precise Visual Feedback
  • Single-Knob Comp/Ratio Operation
  • 20db Makeup Gain

Here's a video of a pair of 19-09s being used on drums. It gives you an idea of the sonic capabilities and shows the versatility of the unit which I'm sure would be just as adept with bass, guitar, vocals etc.

Cost: $799 but is currently on sale till Sept. 30th for $550.