Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Waves July Super Special! 80% off IR-1 Reverb & 50% off MPX-1 Master Tape

IR1 puts the meticulously captured sound of the world's most renowned spaces in your hands. Now you can capture the sonic characteristics of your favorite rooms and hardware, and shape the reverbs with pinpoint precision.

Everybody wants to play the big rooms. With the IR1, you’re there.
Bring the richness and warmth of real tape saturation to your DAW with the MPX Master Tape, developed in association with producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin).

It’s the reel deal.
Find out what WavesLive Artists are doing live on tour.

- Bodo Schulte (Schiller)
- Bryan “Froggy” Cross (Britney Spears)
- Chris BRX Apfalter (Kruder & Dorfmeister)
- Dave Aron (Snoop Dogg)
- Ken "Pooch" Van Druten (Linkin Park)
- Kevin “Tater” McCarthy (Linkin Park)
- Pete Keppler (Katy Perry)

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The last few months have seen me using different consoles all over the world. The two bands that I have been doing one-offs with do not carry their own gear, so I find myself on different consoles and PAs every single day. The computer work that is required prior to even listening to the system is staggering these days. Even to the point of frustration.

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Ableton 101: The most Ableton tips packed into 1 Ableton Tutorial video!

Once regarded as a DJ's DAW, Ableton Live is fast becoming a favorite for many producers.
If you use Ableton Live or thinking about using it, check out this video.

Here's a list of the topics covered:
1. Cut copy paste
2. Duplicate
3. Command A
4. Tab selects session or arrange window
5. command shift i
6. Highlight & effect multiple
7. Cmd f – scroll display to follow playback
8. Sidechain w/ compressor
9. Sidechain w/o compressor
10. Freeze
11. Audio to midi
12. Command 4 (no grid)
13. Command 1,2 &3(grid)
14. Cmd b – pencil
15. Hear samples w/ speaker icon
16. Tune drums with EQ
17. Tune drums w/ freq shifter
18. Send returns
19. Step record
20. Assign midi knob/fader
21. Assign midi button
23. Assign midi key
24. Midi key select (no wrong notes)

25. Warp: alt drag
26. Warp: shift drag
27. Warp: Select multiple, alt Drag
28. Warp multiple
29. DJ cue
30. Split DJ track
31. Record multiple tracks
32. Consolidate
33. Add time
34. cut time
35. dup time
36. Group tracks
37. Group instruments
38. Group effects
39. Chain selector
40. Add random w/ groove
41. Bass/low layer/high layer
42. Reverse reverb
43. Impulse- separate samples
44. Macros
45. Record session to arrange
46. Sustain midi loops
47. Send output to:
48. Receive input from:
49. Envelope automate (draw)
50. Envelope automate (record)
51. Dummy clips
52. Make kick
53. Cut non bass at 120hz
54. Shift & up/down arrow key moves selected midi notes by the octave
55. Shift tab: clip properties to instruments/fx
56. Click arrow to return to zero or center
57. Double click when zoom tool appears to show full arrangement or select area
59. Space bar stop, hit again restarts from cursor point
60. Shift space bar to stop and continue
61. Linked unlinked clip automation
62. Shift click to grab multiple tracks. Effect 1 and they all are effected (like volume)
63. Change cue to a different output to be able to cue each track (headphones icon)
64. Ctrl + shift + m – add midi clip
65. Alt + click – expand/collapse all tracks
66. Click + shift + arrow key – shorten or lengthen selected midi notes.
67. add return track ctrl + alt. + T
68. Cmd + Del – deletes automation but not the clip.
69. Drag section of a clip to a midi track, automatically creates a simpler with the sample
70. Assign knob to 1 clip for looping & pitch correct
71. Highlight all clips change warp settings, save, launch info etc
72. Simpler to sampler
73. Shift + – zoom in. – zoom out
74. Shift ? – shows info
75. Cmd alt B – show/hide browser
76. Cmd alt O – show/hide overview
77.cmd alt I – show/hide I/O
78. Cmd alt S – show/hide sends
79. Cmd alt m – show hide mixer
80. Cmd , – preferences
81. Cmd drag – fine adjustments
82. Cmd R – rename tab, rename next
83. Cmd up/down double or half loop length
84. Cmd up/down on midi part – goes to next midi note
85. Shift left right on midi note – lengthen shorten note
86. Enter – launch selected clip/clips
87. Cmd L – loop selected
88. Shift drag over envelope breakpoints.
89. Cmd t – create audio track
90. Cmd shift t – create midi track
91. Cmd alt t – create return track
92. Cmd M Midi map on off
93. Cmd K key map on off
94. Cmd U quantize
95. Cmd drag (alt drag PC) adjust velocity on selected midi notes
96 Cmd shift U quantize Settings
97. Route multiple tracks to sidechain
98. Utility for automated volume & volume for fine tuning later

for more Ableton Live tips visit http://www.musicsoftwaretraining.com/blog/

Be Careful

Here's another entry from Carlisle's blog where he gives more insight into the music biz:
"I used to wish I was never born. I only liked reading about things that didn’t tell me the truth about myself. I hated myself for a long time because I started to realize that I worked like a magnet and for the most part I attracted immature negative blood sucking lying assholes. The music business exposed who I really was. I used to always think something was wrong with everyone else but I had to accept that there is a God and he does make dreams come through. Everything I ever dreamt for came around the first year I started to make money. What I wanted was probably only 10% of what I had gotten. I wasn’t educated enough to know the negativity that came along with dreams and the self disrespect that kept them alive. I’ve never had a “life” teacher. I basically learnt as I fucked up. And the price of fucking up is usually my “name”. As big as the music business is it’s a ..."
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ART USB Dual TubePre Audio Interface

ART's USB Dual TubePre Audio Interface seems like it would be a great choice for a portable setup especially now that Protools 9 supports any interface. With two tube microphone preamps, DI, Optical Compressor, inserts, SPDIF digital I/O and Latency free monitoring, this USB TubePre packs a lot of features for just $149.
From the website:
"The USB Dual TubePre is the ultimate compact dual channel tube preamp for any basic recording system. Capable of operating as a standalone unit with USB audio interface, or as an expander for any digital system with s/pdif digital input, each channel in the USB Dual TubePre delivers superior tube tone in a fully featured input strip."

  • Two channel Tube based Mic/Instrument preamp computer interface
  • Extremely low noise discrete front end with variable input and output controls
  • Advanced optical output compressor to simplify recording and prevent overload
  • USB connectivity to desktop and laptop computers
  • S/PDIF output for expanding inputs on digital workstations and computer interfaces
  • Latency free Monitoring Mix and Level controls
  • Balanced XLR for lo-Z applications and 1/4" hi-Z inputs for instrument DI applications
  • Separate Gain, Phase Invert, Low Cut Filter and Compressor switches on each input
  • Selectable Dual or Stereo operation of output controls
  • Switch selectable Inserts on each channel
  • Insert jacks provide a preamp direct out for each channel
  • Stereo/ Dual operation of Optical Compressor
  • Mono switch for single input monitoring
  • S/PDIF Sample Rate switch selectable between 44.1K and 48K
  • Precision LED metering of both the preamp and A/D sections
  • Built-in low noise +48 Volt phantom power supply
  • Compact, stackable all aluminum chassis