Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brainworx NEW! Vertigo VSC-2 Plugin 20% off

The Brainworx Vertigo VSC-2 Compressor plugin is based on the hardware VSC-2 compressor which I blogged about here. The hardware VSC-2 is highly regarded by many engineers and if you ever wanted to demo the VSC-2 now's your chance.
Brainworx' plugins are exceptional and I'm quite sure the VSC-2 plugin will be just as good as the hardware.

From the website:
"Vertigo’s first plugin release, made in close cooperation with Brainworx, and based upon Vertigo’s Big Impact Design sets a new standard for Tracking, Mix Bus and Mastering applications."
"The VSC-2 plugin captures all the fine nuances of the $6,000 flagship VCA compressor."
"“We are amazed how accurate the plugin simulates the real deal. We have compared it to the hardware several times now in a professional studio and cannot hear any difference at all. Is that good or bad?!?”, says Andreas Eschenwecker, CEO of Vertigo Sound."

"The VSC-2 plugin offers the same flexibility and precision in the stereo version, and to emulate the dual mono approach of the hardware we have developed a true mono version of the plugin as well."

Take a look at this video with Dirk of Brainworx showing some of the VSC-2 features:

Download a demo of the VSC-2 on Brainworx website..

Brainworx is currently selling the VSC-2 plugin for $199 (20% off) on their online webshop.