Friday, April 8, 2011

ADK S-7C Condenser Microphone $299


The ADK S-7C is a professional transformer-less FET cardioid condenser microphone designed to be a High-SPL, reliable and robust microphone with a distinctly “brilliant” sound coloration. The S7-C has the brightest tone of ANY ADK! Translation – Forward in the Mix and Sparkling Hot.
Use it on any moderate to high SPL source, whenever a fast, detailed recording is desired: All “pop” and “Rock” vocals – with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air)Brass – also with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air)Drum kit: Toms, Floor tom, overhead and spot mic’ing, including kick drumAny amplified instruments – Guitar cabs, bass cabs, Any percussion instrument, Stereo/ambient recordingAll stringed instrument, Solo/spot recordingWoodwinds.

NIIO Analog's TRACK THICKENER - Stereo Saturator/VCA/EQ

"The TRACK THICKENER is an all analog stereo processor used to drive a stereo or mono source though one of five analog circuits. These SAT circuits transform the density of the sound for the purpose of creative manipulation of its texture and intensity. The SAT section includes wet/dry mix with the ability to saturate all or only the upper or lower frequencies while retaining an unaffected low or high end by utilizing the built in crossover. With flexible crossover routing a frequency dependant saturation is achieved giving the user control over the density, volume, and frequency of the saturated element of the sound. This routing allows a wide range of saturation to be achieved, with the ability to bypass entirely. The SAT section is followed by a VCA used to shape the amplitude envelope of the sound. The VCA features an H-AR envelope with control over depth, trigger hold, attack, and release. Alternative gating is possible with the use of the external trigger input. The VCA can be used to affect the SAT or SAT&DRY signals for different mixing options. A passive equalizer follows that allows tone shaping with the smooth characteristics of a passive circuit. The EQ gives the user quick tone shaping over broad bands for effective shaping of the final sound."



• Stereo crossover with MED-Q / LO-Q selection.
• HP/LP outputs can be routed to SAT and DRY audio paths.
• Variable DRIVE control with 5 SAT circuits- (CMP/DIODE3/WAVE2/404/FET-OD)


• Stereo VCA with variable depth and threshold controls. VCA can affect SAT or SAT & DRY signals.
• Envelope controls include trigger HOLD time, ATTACK, and RELEASE times.
• EXT TRIG allows an external audio signal or gate voltage to trigger the VCA.


• Stereo EQ with boost and cut passive design.
• Boost and cut bands interact and create smooth equalization curves that allow for quick and effective track shaping.


• Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4"
• stereo-In
• stereo-Out

Cost: $1,095 at Analogue Haven

Apogee Symphony I/O

Simply the best sounding interface Apogee has ever made

  • The culmination of 25 years of Apogee's design excellence and experience
  • Next generation converter quality
  • Refined and updated circuitry with fewer, more advanced components:
    • Fewer components means a shorter audio path and more recording clarity and transparency
    • Lower converter latency
    • More efficient power distribution
    • Enhanced C777 clocking performance
  • "Sound Amazing" remixed and remastered
  • Optional mic preamp module
  • Front panel control of headphone and output levels, and mic preamp gain (mic preamps optional)

WOW! - A Father Balances His Baby Boy On His Head & Does Amazing Tricks

APA's Leviathan Opto Compressor ($995)

"Inspired by both the La-3a AND La-2a 'set and forget' program dependent compression with the Leviathan's VINTAGE auto mode, the APA Leviathan is very smooth in every sense of the word. We've set the VINTAGE mode's attack to be approximately in between the La-2a and La-3a so the source is natural but with enough control to keep things in check. Being a discrete Class A single ended design with iron core transformers on input and output, the perfect balance of coloration and detail is achieved with a solid midrange, airy top and just the right amount of even order harmonic distortion. The Leviathan's smooth compression is similar to 'riding the fader'.

In addition to having the VINTAGE auto mode, the Leviathan has fully featured modern features such as variable attack, variable release, variable ratio, PUNCH low frequency side chain for keeping your tracks fat in the low end. These modern features make it far more flexible than any vintage based design in the 500 format. Because it can be closely stereo matched and stereo linked it can used with great effect on master bus, sub bus, vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, drum overheads, synths, electric guitars, and more. "


  • Class A Opto Compressor, single ended design
  • Fully discrete circuit
  • Iron core custom transformers on input and output
  • VINTAGE auto mode is based on program dependent compression of LA style 1970's optos.
  • Attack time in VINTAGE mode is approx half way between La-2a and La-3a.
  • Fully variable attack (2mS to 40mS)
  • Fully variable release (100mS to 2 Sec)
  • Fully variable ratio (2:1 to 20:1)
  • Attack Release and Ratio all are independent of VINTAGE mode
  • Punch is a Sidechain LF rolloff for keeping low frequencies big and uncompressed
  • Stereo Linkable
  • Bypass
  • Fast 2ms capable attack time  

Event Electronics releases a new updated version of the 20/20BAS

"First released in 1995, the original 20/20 nearfield studio monitor revolutionised the recording industry and secured itself a place in the hearts of audio engineers the world over for its truthful reproduction and outstanding sonic character.
Now Event is proud to announce a new generation of clarity, transparency and definition with the release of the 20/20BAS. This two-way front ported speaker incorporates a number of fundamental improvements over the original model while remaining true to its tonal character and performance strengths.
Event's engineering team used ideas and technologies from its flagship Opal speaker in order to achieve performance in keeping with the company design philosophy of high output, low distortion and excellent dynamics."

Frequency Response  35Hz - 20kHz ±2dB

Crossover Frequency  2300Hz

3rd Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m, 500-7kHz  0.08%

3rd Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m,
200 - 20kHz  

3rd Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m,

Acoustic Output - SPL @ 1m, Long term
(80Hz - 20kHz)  

Acoustic Output - SPL @ 1m, Peak
(80Hz - 20kHz)  

Signal Input  XLR, RCA (balanced/unbalanced)

ATM Bettermaker™ EQ 230P - analog EQ with digital recall

The sound and features of the ATM Bettermaker™ EQ 230P makes it a great tool for recording, mixing as well as mastering. Having a first rate analog EQ with an A/B comparison function and two parallel outs is an incredible asset. The planned USB connection will make it easy to sync it with your DAW.

From the website:
"The ATM Bettermaker™ EQ 230P is a fully analog stereo equalizer based on legendary designs. Besides it’s pure analog signal path, it has full digital recall with 399 cells for your own presets, which you can recall with one touch. We have also added an A/B comparing function known from plugins.
By building this equalizer we wanted to create a device that would have a maximum range of usage and a very characteristic, but clean sound. We picked out the best of classic designs and modified them to be more practical. As we work faster and faster every day, we need to have the highest quality and the maximum speed we can get."


  • 10 filters (5 on each channel) based on classic designs including 2 famous P sections, 2 Highpass filters and 4 parametric filters with wide frequency ranges
  • P section – Shelf filters based upon legendary constructions, first time offered in combined stereo, with all features including separate boost and attenuation knobs
  • Full digital recall with 399 cells for your own presets
  • A/B comparing function
  • Fully isolated analog and digital paths for maximum separation of these two worlds
  • 2 additional parallel outputs for advanced processing like parallel compression
  • 10 presets to have a kick start!
  • Future USB connection to synchronize it with you sequencer
  • Additional modifications available as M/S mode, M insert in M/S mode, custom frequency ranges and even personalized name tags

Frequency response:5Hz to 100kHz (-0.5dB)
Dynamic range:more than 106 dB
S/N ratio:more than 104 dB
THD+N:less than 0.004%
Supply voltage:110V AC 50/60Hz or 230V AC 50Hz (depending on model)
Power consumption:15 W
Input impedance:10k Ohm unbalanced, 20k Ohm balanced
Output impedance:100 Ohm unbalanced, 200 Ohm balanced
Max input level:+18dBu balanced or +12dBu unbalanced
Max output level:18dBu balanced or +12dBu unbalanced
Unity gain:balanced: 0dB, unbalanced: -6dB
Clip detector:present
High-pass filter:12db/oct 18…200Hz (variable)
EQ 1 freq. range:45…1000Hz
EQ 1 gain:-15…+15dB
EQ 1 bandwidth:0.2oct…3oct
EQ 2 freq. range:650…15000Hz
EQ 2 gain:-15…+15dB
EQ 2 bandwidth:0.2oct…3oct
P EQ low freq. range:20, 30, 60, 100Hz
P EQ high freq. range:3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16 kHz
P EQ high cut freq:5, 10, 20 kHz 6db/oct
Preset storage capacity:399 presets
$4,500 at ZenPro Audio