Sunday, January 26, 2014

NAMM 2014: UVI BeatHawk iOS beat making app

The UVI Beathawk is an interesting new IOS app tailored to beatmakers/producers that I can see being used by amateurs and professionals alike. UVI is known for making exceptional sound libraries and software. I assume this app will have the same sonic quality. The Beathawk seems like a well laid out app that would be a great way to lay down ideas/tracks especially when traveling.  It allows you to mute individual patterns, has reverb and delay plus you can export your tracks. If the Beathawk is brought to market at a good price it will do well.


  • Load and edit individual samples.
  • Each pad can be a sound or instrument.
  • 16 patterns with individual mutes.
  • Individual Gain, Pan, Pitch, HPF and LPF
  • Built in Reverb (UVI Sparkverb) and Delay
  • Ability to export Wavs

Check the video:

Price and availability to be announced. (The video suggests in a few months).

via soundsandgear