Monday, September 9, 2013

I want a PUC for Christmas

Zivix announced the PUC which is a WIFI interface for IOS devices. It is also compatible with standard Macs and some PCs.

"The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. The PUC allows you to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to your iPad. PUC can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi. 
The PUC communicates directly to the iPad via WiFi directly as a device, no "host" WiFi network is necessary. PUC uses an open standard for CoreMIDI over WiFi. Once your legacy MIDI signals are translated into CoreMIDI by the PUC, any CoreMIDI compatible app can recognize it."

Here's a video overview:


  • Wirelessly connects to iOS devices, connecting your controller using a 5-pin DIN cable
  • Pocket-sized rugged design allows for easy portability
  • Micro USB port can power the PUC while in use, or two AA batteries can power PUC
  • 1 MIDI port: software switchable IN/OUT

Zivix is currently running a Indiegogo campaign to fund final production of the PUC and early adopters will be rewarded in several ways.

Perks for Funders:

· Initial backers of the PUC will receive the Disrupt Special, which includes an unlimited three-day offer for only $69.

· Early bird special price of $79.

· Early adopter price of $89.

· 1000 backers will receive 20% off the purchase of their PUC.

· Backers who pledge $129 will have the option to choose a special edition color.

via Engadget