Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Harrison 832c 8-Channel Filter Unit and the Harrison 32C Console.

Harrison Consoles new 832C Filter Unit extends the rich lineage of Harrison's consoles and offers the same sonic textures as their legendary Harrison 32C console. It's a perfect  companion for their Lineage Mic Pre-Amp.

Harrison 32C Console

"The 832c Filter Unit includes 8 channels of high-pass / low-pass filters from Harrison’s world-renowned 32-series console - providing classic Harrison sound for recording and mixing in a convenient 1U space."

832C features:

  • 8 Channels
  • in / out buttons (marked “HP” and “LP”)
  • A “Bump” button 
  • 2 sweepable filter knobs
  • 7-segment LED input meter
  • Tascam DB-25 (AES59) Audio Connectors

Price $2395

Harrison's introductory video of the 832C:


and here's a video of engineering icon Bruce Swedien giving insight into his career and the Harrison 32C. The video was done by Universal Audio to showcase their Harrison 32C Channel EQ plugin that was based on Bruce's Harrison 32C console:

Bruce Swedien's Harrison 32C