Monday, October 5, 2015

Mix Mondays: Kardinal Offishall - Baby It's U!


  Earlier this year I got a DM on Twitter from my "bredrin" Kardinal Offishall stating that he had some songs that needed to be mixed for his upcoming project. I took one listen and instantly agreed. I like the energy and fun loving attitude of the song and approached the mix from that perspective. I actually made the bassline and vocals the focal point then built everything else around them.  The song was mixed ITB with Avid Protools on a Macbook Pro,  Metric Halo 2882 interface and a UAD Satellite. It was well recorded and arranged so I was able to jump right into the mix. I focused on enhancing the sound and feel of the record.

  I used the UA Neve 88rs plugin on the bass:

  The MH Channelstrip 3 on vocals:


and The UA Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on the stereo buss just for sonic glue (the meters barely moved).: 

 I don't like squashing the master buss but have no  problem decimating individual tracks if needed.

  On drums I used the UAD SSL-E Channelstrip.



  and the reverb is the UA EMT 140 Plate reverb plugin: