Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30% off_Flux Pure Analyzer System - Now 64-bit & SampleGrabber AAX

Flux announced 64 bit versions of their Pure Analyzer System,  and SampleGrabber which is now available for AAX. The new versions of 
Elixir Brick Wall Limiter and the free BitterSweet (transient designer style) plugins are also now 64 bit.

Here's the email I received from them:

Hello Gary, 

Today we release the Pure Analyzer System sp3, introducing AAX and 64-bit compatibility. The stand alone Pure Analyzer application is now 64-bit compatible on both MAC OS X and Windows, and the SampleGrabber plug-in now supports AU/VST 32/64-bit, AAX Native (32-bit only) as well as AAX DSP 64-bit (requires ProTools 11).

During the release period we offer an introduction special of the Pure Analyzer Essential and the Pure Analyzer add-on options with 30% Off from the MSRP*

* (This offer can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, Last day of availability June 1st)

Important note!!

Due to compatibility issues the Sample Grabber plugin installation has been removed from the Pure Analyzer setup file, and from now on instead is to be installed separately. 
Main New Features
  • Essential:
    RTA: Real Time waterfall; see "slide" option in spectrum setup.  
  • Live:
    SnapShot: Invert ("Iv" button) function available on Transfer Function Magnitude.   

Main Enhancements
  • Mac OS X: The binary is now 64 bit.
  • Windows: 32 & 64 bit version available with independent installers.
  • Windows: No more Python installation needed, a python distribution is now instead included in the installer.  
  • Auto adjust Sweep time for sweep snapshot according to the analyze time windows.
  • Sweep time increase up to 15 seconds.
  • Independent use of coherence for Magnitude and Phase curve transparency.
  • Freeze function with return key now working on all layout and enhanced on live layout (will hide all RT curves). 

Main Fixes

  • Mac OS X: Fix - Installer was not installing all required files on a fresh install.
  • Mac OS X: Fix - Copy, cut, past in edit fields.
  • Mac OS X: Fix - Folder renaming.
  • Mac OS X: Fix - 96k only choice in I/O settings when using default sound card on MacBookPro.
  • Windows: Fix - Setup problems.
  • Windows: Fix - Security/Auth problems.
  • Mac OS X & Windows: Fix - Crash or freeze when switching "Pure spectrum" button in main settings.
  • Mac OS X & Windows: Fix - Auto Pause not working properly  
  • Overall: Additional minor fixes. 

Main changes, SampleGrabber  

  • New - VST 64 bit version, MAC OS X & Windows.
  • New - AU 64 bit version, MAC OS X.
  • New - AAX Native 32 bit version, MAC OS X & Windows.
  • New - AAX DSP 64 bit version for ProTools 11, MAC OS X & Windows.   


For current owners of Pure Analyzer System the upgrade is free of charge. The new versions are available for download Now on our website, as are dongle-free trial versions for testing Pure Analyzer System. 


You can purchase the Pure Analyzer System sp3 Now, from your local dealer or from the Flux:: online store.

Find your local dealer through our distributors

Flux:: Online Store