Friday, April 18, 2014

Freebie Fri.: FREE HQ Trap Drum Kit plus Youtube/SoundCloud Contest. is giving away a free high quality Trap Drum Kit and also offering a chance to win a kit that contains over 300 sounds. To enter the contest you first have to download the free kit (name and email required) and then post the link to a track you made with the free kit in the comments section on their Youtube page.

From the website:
"Trap Music is known for hard hitting drums and 808 basslines but a lot of the samples tend to sound harsh or tubby. I specifically went through every sound and tweaked them with EQ, Tape Emulation and a few other tools to get the cleanest, yet most aggressive sounds I possibly could......"
"These sounds were all recorded from analog gear into a pair of API 312 preamps. If you are familiar with API’s you know how wonderful the midrange is......"

I downloaded the kit and the sounds are of high quality with plenty of room to eq, compress,saturate or distort as you see fit.

The kit contains:

  1. MM-TDHQ-1.Clean 808 Kit
  2. MM-TDHQ-808s
  3. MM-TDHQ-Claps
  4. MM-TDHQ-Crashes
  6. MM-TDHQ-Hats
  7. MM-TDHQ-Kicks
  8. MM-TDHQ-Open Hats
  9. MM-TDHQ-Rides
  10. MM-TDHQ-Snares
  11. MM-TDHQ-Toms
  12. MM-TDHQ-Tuned808s

Get more info and download the FREE Trap Drums Samples Kit here.