Saturday, May 21, 2016

Presonus Studio One v3.2.2 and the new Presence XT Editor.

   I've recently switched to Presonus Studio One as my main DAW and the recent update has convinced me even more that I made the right choice. I really like Studio One's layout, their Console Shaper plugin and how easy it is to route FX and Busses. Not to mention it sounds great.

  The new Presence XT Editor add-on is also a definite plus. 

From the website:

"Presence XT Editor unlocks the Edit Page of Presence XT, the built-in sample player instrument of Studio One. This add-on turns a great-sounding instrument into a powerful sound design tool for musicians, producers, and sound-designers. With direct support for all major sampler formats, it's the perfect host for any custom sampler sound library.
 Import samples via drag & drop, supporting popular formats such as WAV, Kontakt (unprotected}, Giga, SoundFont and EXS24. Edit mappings, layers, and various trigger options. The assign articulations to key switches with just a few clicks. Then add additional realism to sounds with manual or automated sound shaping and sample playback variations using the powerful JavaScript based script editor and create effects like fret noise, key-clicks, or legato via scripts. In addition 8 assignable knobs and buttons are available as custom script controls.

Finished sounds can be saved as Presence XT presets or exported in a compact sampler file containing all samples, mappings, scripts, and settings for convenient file sharing and exchange."
   If you haven't tried Studio One yet head over to the Presonus website and download the demo.

   Here's a great video by my good friend Marcus Huyskens over at Studio One Expert where he demonstrates the new features in the Studio One v3.2.2 update:

  As can be seen from the video Studio One is easy to use and has many features that can enhance your workflow. I was able to mix a project in Studio One only 3 days after I installed it. I watched the videos that Protools and Studio One Expert websites founder Russ Hughes posted for Protools users switching to Studio One:

   I also accessed the built-in reference manual a few times and had some questions answered by Marcus (Thanks Marcus!) and I was up and running in no time.

   Below is a list of all the new features and fixes in the Studio One v3.2..2 update:

New features and improvements:

  • New command to open Event FX window (Alt+F)
  • ALT modifier for fades now suspends crossfade editing
  • New option to enable/disable auto-expand layers after recording takes
  • Monitoring button and metering reflect correct status in tape-style record mode
  • Bus channel metering shown on automation tracks (track height “normal” or higher)
  • [Project Page] MD5 checksum for DDP export
  • View all channel types in inspector
  • Use ALT modifier to add FX plug-in as bus channel when dragging to console
  • Improved import of Cubase/Nuendo Track Archives (now supporting level, mute, automation data, VCAs)

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Mix Engine FX have no latency compensation
  • Crash on quit with multiple open songs
  • Controller data not visible while recording on Instrument Track
  • [Music Editor] CMD modifier behavior for temporary Paint tool should be inversed
  • Crash after drag and drop of audio to the browser
  • Alternate range tool doesn’t work on automation lanes
  • Paste at original position doesn't work for arranger parts
  • Dragging multiple events to empty space doesn't create multiple tracks
  • Layer name not set on first take
  • Legato command misinterprets last event
  • Bus connection lost after adding VCA in track controls
  • Automation track to lane area not properly transferred on drag
  • Wrong channel order after adding VCA from track controls
  • [OSX] UAD plugins leave white boxes on the screen
  • [Presence XT] articulation key switches not applied for notes on same time-position
  • Impossible to set cursor to bar 1 beat 1 in Scratch Pad
  • Vertical zoom state not reset on double-click when all notes have the same pitch
  • élastique Pro 3 time-stretching out of sync in stereo files
  • "Solo follows selection" doesn't work for shared instrument tracks
  • Crash after undo audio quantize of grouped tracks
  • Play Start Marker placed in negative time
  • Delay Compensation broken for Pipeline on Main Out
  • High sample rates not represented correctly in OpenTL 

   Check out this other video by Studio One Expert where they go over all the features of Studio One v3.2:

As a new user I've only scratched the surface of Presonus Studio One but with each project I'm getting more adept at finding ways to achieve the results I need.