Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Mondays - Lucian "Sheepish" and the MH HaloVerb

Here's the official video of a song I mixed for Lucian Sawyer. He's a talented singer/songwriter I met with Kev of Black Violin. (He performed on their current album on the song "Virtuoso".)
I like the vibe of the song and it has a strong message and great arrangement. 

You can follow Lucian and Fernando (video director) on Twitter: @IamLucian @FernandoLugoo

The main reverb used on the music is Metric Halo's HaloVerb which is part of their Production bundleI was looking for a reverb that would enhance the sound without taking up too much space in the mix and it fit the bill perfectly.

Here is the actual setting I used:

The HaloVerb rates a 10 on sonics and ease of use.

From the website:
"HaloVerb is a plug-in that allows you to add ambience and depth to your recordings. Based on the original HaloVerb for 2d Expanded Metric Halo interfaces, the AAX and AU versions expand on the great algorithmic sound to give you more flexibilty and control. Use the reverb impulse to see the reverberant field as you make adjustments, or hide the graphics and let your ears be your guide."

HaloVerb MSRP $199 or buy the Production Bundle for $699 which consists of seven great plugins.