Friday, January 24, 2014

What do you think of this new line of DAW controllers?

Behringer has a new line of Controllers called the X-Touch. It comes in 3 sizes:

1. The X-Touch Universal Control Surface ($599)

    X-Touch Universal Control Surface Features:
  • Universal DAW Remote Controller for Studio and Live applications
  • 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders
  • 8 rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly adjustments of your favorite parameters
  • 8 dynamic LCD Scribble Strips for instant overview of track names and parameters
  • Supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software
  • 92 dedicated illuminated buttons for direct access of key functions
  • 8-segment LED meters per channel for precise level control
  • Large jog/shuttle wheel and tape-style transport controls for intuitive operation
  • Built-in 2x2 USB/MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac or PC computers and one external MIDI device
  • 2 dedicated footswitch connectors and one foot controller input for external remote control
  • 2-port powered multi-TT USB hub for connecting additional controllers
  • Ethernet interface for RTP (Real-Time Protocol) MIDI and future BEHRINGER X32 remote control
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~) and low power consumption for energy saving
  • 3-Year Warranty Program 

2. The X-Touch Compact which offers the same Mackie Control format with an additional MIDI mode but a less comprehensive transport control. ($399)

3. The X-Touch Mini which is a little bus-powered mini controller 8 backlit rotary encoders each channel with two assignable buttons plus a single short fader. It also has a MC mode for Mackie Control mode, plus two layers for two configurations($59)

Here's a NAMM show video by SonicState showing all 3 of the X-Touch Controllers: