Friday, June 10, 2011

Karma Is A Bitch Only If You Are

Working at Platinum Island started to show me what schools were all about. I was getting the real world world situation during the evenings and at nights and the school experience in the mornings. My recording studio teacher in school had a 2 day session at Platinum Island that I was very excited about. To have my teacher see me working at a studio way before graduating was all I kept thinking about. Maybe he would just give me an “A” and let me skip the class. Maybe he would brag about me to the other students and faculty. I was hoping for something. Then the day of the session I helped the assistant engineer align two Studer A-827 24 inch machines, an Ampex ATR-102 1/2 inch machine, two Panasonic SV-3700 DAT machines, two Tascam 112B cassette decks, set up the vocal booth with a Neumann U-47 microphone to a NEVE 1066 mic pre to a Urei LA-2A and AKG 414 for an acoustic guitar. Read more ......

NAMM Oral Histories: Rupert Neve

NAMM recently did a four part interview with the the iconic Rupert Neve:

In Part 1 he talks about his early experiences in WWII and the discovery of the tape machine.

In Part 2 he continues his account of early tape machines, noise reduction and his first consoles.

In Part 3 he continues his recollection of the early days of pro audio with his take on EQ and microphone design.             

In Part 4 he talks about hearing and perception.



The Lipinski Sound L-629 500 series compressor is based on the famous Fairchild Compressor and is designed around it's patented “Lipinski Square” circuitry. This unique circuitry completely eliminates distortion on low frequencies and on low-release time. A much desired (but not easily attained) quality in any compressor. There is no IC's or capacitors in the signal path and it can be linked for stereo use. Last but not least it has a Tape Simulation feature where it compresses the high end 3db more than the lows. The combination of great sonics and versatility make the L-629 compressor  a "must have" addition to anyone's rack.

Lipinski Sound L-629 Features

  • Basic principle of operation and ballistics based on the famous Fairchild compressor
  • Patented circuit completely eliminating distortion on low frequencies and on low-release time.
  • All other compressors on short release time and on low frequencies changes amplification within single sine wave, commonly a major source of distortion.
  • Extremely fundamental design based on patented "Lipinski Square" circuitry
  • No capacitors in the signal path
  • No Integrated Circuits (IC's) in the signal path
  • Only 0.04% maximum distortion with the highest (18dB) compression
  • Extremely fast attack time - 0.01ms (1/5th 20kHz sine wave)
  • Tape Simulation doesn't generate gimmicky even-harmonic distortions. This feature senses and triggers compression on high frequencies (correction within control network)
  • Auto gain: additional 5 sec. attack time, and 5 min. release time
  • Auto control has ballistics similar to VU meter, it is based on photo resistor, completely eliminates distortion with zero adjustment error - quality on output signal totally independent of input level
  • Peak meter: switchable before and post compression
  • Hard wiring option for stereo operation


Operating voltages: ± 16 V
Power supply current : 50 mA
Audio input symmetrical
Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Input level range (FIXED IN mode): 1.55 V or 3.1 V
Input level range (AUTO IN mode): 200 mV to 10 V
Audio output symmetrical
Output impedance: 75 kΩ
Output level (when COMP. OFF):  3.1 V
Output level (when COMP. ON: ) 1.1 V to 8.7 V
Dynamic range: 100 dB
Maximum distortion:  0.04 %
Attack Time range:  0.02 ms to 160 ms
Release Time range: 40 ms to 2.5 sec
Level meter range:  -18 dB to +12 dB