Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tech Tues.: Why I use Audified's MixChecker on my mixes.

   Audified's latest plugin is a must have for all audio mixers. Whether you are a veteran pro mixing for clients or mixing your own tracks the MixChecker will definitely help in getting your mixes  done faster and sounding great on consumer devices. This is all achieved without leaving your favorite DAW. The MixChecker is available in all major plugin formats on both Mac and PC.

   Here's an excerpt from an email I sent Audified:
"As a mixing engineer I find your MixChecker plugin a great asset. I currently use multiple speaker combinations, headphones, listen in the car and also on my smartphone to check mixes. This plugin makes it so much more convenient. It makes it easy to check your mix on multiple systems when working away from your studio or even while commuting. It would definitely come in handy on long flights."

   I often check my mixes on the IK Multimedia iLoud, a pair of old JBL Pro computer speakers, the Avantone MixCube and a portable "boom box" radio. I also check mixes on my smartphone, laptop, headphones/earbuds and a car stereo whenever I can. When I travel to other studios/locations to work it's very impractical to take them all with me.

   The MixChecker plugin gives me access to multiple references no matter where I happen to be. It's very simple to use and is placed on your Main /Master output of your session.

   The pic below explains what each section does:

 Take a look at Audified's introductory video of The MixChecker:


   I've been using the MixChecker for a few days now and find it indispensable. There's a few features I would like to see implemented that I will mention to the Audified team.

   The MixChecker costs $149.

   There's a 30 day demo available on Audified's website.