Monday, April 25, 2011


"The A16 MK-II lets you convert 16 audio channels from digital to analog and 16 audio channels from analog to digital at the same time. You can use both, MADI and ADAT as digital interfaces. Furthermore, you can also transmit signals between these two interfaces. 
The two built-in TFT screens display the levels of both, inputs and outputs. It's not only the audiophile characteristics that allow the A16 MK-II seamless integration into your professional studio, but also its flexibility."

Sonic Core Ferrofish A16 Mk-II 32 Channel AD/DA Converter Features

Analog Interface

  • 16 x in, 16 x out, symmetrical phone plugs
  • 24 bit AKM converters, 32kHz – 192kHz
  • Input-gain and output-levels individually adjustable for each channel

Digital Interfaces

  • Optical MADI interface (incl. MIDI over MADI)
  • Two ADAT interfaces for 16 channels

System Interfaces

  • BNC wordclock
  • MIDI connectors for remote


  • Two TFT displays show the high resolution level meters of all inputs and outputs
  • Preset management
  • Keyboard lock
  • Detailed status display for monitoring all inputs
  • Graphical adjustment of levels and gains
  • Routing Editor
  • SMUX control
  • 32 bit high performance ARM processor

PC Software

  • Remote software for the A16 MK-II via MIDI or MADI (MIDI over MADI)
  • Cascading of multiple A16 MK-II
  • Easy channel assignment with the graphical routing software
  • Adjustment of levels and gains with the mixer
  • Own graphics can be stored to individually label your A16 MK-II
Available at Front End Audio for $1390:

Radial Engineering Komit VCA Compressor/Limiter with Auto-Tracking

I was introduced to the Komit when it was being sold by the original manufacturer BMD (Burgin Mcdaniels Design)
The Komit was then purchased by Radial Engineering who added some nice touches to it and now sells the Komit as part of their 500 series line.
Excerpt from the manual:
"The Radial Komit is a combination compressor-limiter designed for ‘one knob’ operation. This eliminates the guess work that often makes dynamic processing a challenge. But don’t let the diminutive front panel make you think that the Komit is ‘limited’… there are tons of features just raring to get used!
The Komit is made up of two major building blocks: the compressor and the limiter. The Flex-Knee™ compression circuit is a voltage controlled amplifi er (VCA) while the limiter is a unique clipping circuit designed to simulate the sound created by old school diode bridge inputs from the early days of radio. In between is a gain make-up control that lets you adjust the output to compensate or drive the clipping limiter to create various effects."

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Quad Eight Limited Edition Classic Channel Strips

"The 333c Classic and 444 Classic are limited edition recording channel strips from the legendary Quad Eight Electronics.

Each 333c Classic channel strip features an original factory restored, 70’s limited production 3-band eq with many special features including precision stepped potentiometers, with 31 frequencies per band, and .8dB per step gain on each of 3 bands. 11 frequency selectable High and Low pass filter frequencies, +/-15dB overall gain trim and a signal presence led.

The 444 Classic channel strip EQ section includes an original factory restored, 70’s 4-band quasi-parametric eq with separate controls for gain, frequency and Q on each band, with peaking and shelving positions selectable on high and low bands. Two selectable frequencies are available for both High and Low pass filters.

Both Classic equalizers are paired with the QE MP-227, a world-class 70’s single stage preamp, renowned for its warm qualities on guitars, vocals and harmonically complex instruments. Transformer coupled, in and out, selectable input impedance for optimum matching to each microphone, Phantom, Phase, Pad switching, and gain control up to 56dB."

The RED12 Omni Condenser Microphone is made from shotgun shells!

"The RED12 Microphone is perfect for drum overheads and acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, and violin. The custom assembly achieves the dependable and consistent performance you need for recording inside a compact, aesthetically pleasing shell that is as unique as it is bad ass.  

These omni microphones are built into an actual spent 12-gauge shotgun shell casing!"
Talk about going GREEN!

White iPhones will be available at Best Buy on Wednesday April 27

 This pic is from an article on 9 to 5 Mac's website about the iPhone being launched this Wednesday at best buy stores.
"both 16 GB and 32 GB white units have already been shipped to Best Buy locations across the United States, so those models should arrive by Monday or Tuesday ahead of the Wednesday launch...."
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Apple signs cloud deal with Warner Music

Apple has reached an agreement with Warner Music Group to offer the record label's tracks on iTunes' upcoming cloud-music service, music industry sources said.
In the race to the cloud, Apple is apparently stepping on the gas. All Things Digital reported Thursday that Apple has signed two of the top four record companies and wrote that Apple content chief Eddy Cue was due to be in New York on Friday to try and finalize agreements with the two still unsigned labels.

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