Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to route audio from ProTools to the Harrison MixBus

Ben Loftis (Director and Product Developer at Harrison Consoles) posted this YouTube link as a comment to one of my LinkedIn posts.

It shows how to route audio from Protools into the Harrison MixBus application for mixing or additional processing. The MixBus is based on Harrison Consoles world renown analog consoles.

(Michael Jackson's Thriller was mixed on a Harrison by Bruce Swedien. I think he still owns the console)

Courtesy of Sound On Sound

Mixbus Features:
  • Straightforward “knob per function” mixer layout based on Harrison's renowned 32-series and MR-series music consoles.
  • DSP sounds based on Harrison's world-renowned analog and digital mixing console experience.
  • Precision algorithms for EQ, Filter, Compression, Analog Tape Saturation, and Summing.
  • Unlimited stereo or mono input channels, each with unlimited plugins, sends, and hardware inserts. (limited only by CPU speed)
  • Phase, Input trim, High-pass Filter, Sweepable 3-band EQ, Compression, and 8 Mix Bus sends on every track.
  • 8 Stereo Mix Buses featuring Tone controls, Compression, Sidechaining, and Analog Tape Saturation.
  • Stereo Master Bus that features Tone controls, Analog Tape Saturation, K-meter, Stereo Correlation Meter, and Limiter.
  • Automatic plugin delay compensation to support effects such as parallel compression without time misalignment.
  • Comprehensive "at-a-glance" metering with peak, peak hold, and compressor gain reduction visible on every track and bus.
  • Extensive DAW features via the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation, refined by Harrison engineers to be smooth and stable.
  • Industry standard plugin support: Mixbus loads VST plugins on Windows, AudioUnit plugins on OSX, and LV2 plugins on all platforms.
  • Industry standard audio I/O support: Mixbus uses ASIO/Directsound on Windows, CoreAudio on OSX, and JACK on Linux.
Here's another video on the Harrison Console Mixbus that shows more in-depth its capabilities:

You can purchase the Harrison MixBus for $149 or do a subscription plan for $49 plus $9 a month.