Friday, July 8, 2011

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Steinberg's Neve Portico Plugins

Steinberg has released the RND Portico series plugins which consist of a 5033 equalizer and a 5043 compressor. I've used the analog hardware so I'm anxious to see if they were able to capture the Neve Portico sound.
From the Website:
"The Rupert Neve Designs Portico plugins brings the legendary Neve sound to the world of digital music production. Utilizing Yamaha’s unique VCM technology, these plug-in exactly reproduces the analog warmth and sonic finesse of its acclaimed hardware counterpart."


  • Parametrical equalizer with graphical control over frequency and gain
  • Five bands including low and high shelf filters and three bands with filter-width regulation
  • Exact digital copy of the renowned Portico 5033 EQ
  • Based on VCM technology for capturing all the subtle details and acoustic nuances of the hardware original 
  • Exclusively approved by Rupert Neve
  • Available in VST 3, VST 2.4 and AU format for multi-instance use within DAW hosts like Cubase or Nuendo


Low frequency band:
30 Hz to 300 Hz, +/- 12dB

Low-mid frequency band:
50 Hz to 400 Hz, +/- 12dB, filter width (Q) 0.7 to 5

Mid-frequency band:
300 Hz to 2.5 kHz, +/- 12dB, filter width (Q) 0.7 to 5

High-mid frequency band:
1.8 kHz to 16 kHz, +/- 12dB, filter width (Q) 0.7 to 5

High-frequency band:
2.5 kHz to 25 kHz, +/- 12dB


  • High-quality compressor with input and gain reduction metering
  • Feed-Forward and Feed-Back mode for two entirely different compression characteristics
  • Based on the widely-acclaimed Portico 5043 Compressor / Limiter Duo
  • VCM technology allows the exact reproduction of all the subtle details and acoustic nuances of the hardware original
  • Exclusively approved by Rupert Neve
  • Available in VST 3, VST 2.4 and AU format for multi-instance use within DAW hosts like Cubase or Nuendo


Threshold: -50 dB to 0 dB
Ratio: 1.1:1 to Limit (more than 8:1)
Attack: 20ms to 75ms
Release: 100ms to 2.5s
Gain: -6dB to +20 dB

A 30 day trial version is available from Steinberg but requires a $27.99 USB E-Licenser   

If you already use Steinberg products such as Cubase or Nuendo you can use the same dongle.

Cost: $799.99 for the bundle at Steinberg's Online Store

I posted previously about the RND 5032 Channelstrip.

You can read the post here.

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